Mysterious marking of Antarctica

YouTube is becoming increasingly popular on video hosting.
video channel Conspiracy Depot. The author of this material
shows how mysterious markings appeared on Google Earth
Antarctica (see video).

What is the sign of the cross, the researcher asks? Where is he from
took and what does it mean? He is especially worried about the “cross” or the letter
�”X” because it is not clear what this can mean. Perhaps it
an indication that something is exactly in this place of Antarctica
very mysterious, for example, the base of aliens, the entrance to another
a dimension or something else equally mysterious.

The video has already been watched by one and a half hundred thousand users.
The Internet because the mysterious marking of the ice continent in
really amazing and completely incomprehensible. True,
most users came to the conclusion that this is just a failure in
program, a technical error of such things in Google Earth, as in
other similar applications, a lot, so you should not inflate
flies of an elephant.

However, other World Wide Web users have advised more
take it seriously, even if the markings disappear soon.
It is possible that this is a sign left by someone specifically
(consciously), but only the elect can understand it. In any
In the cold of Antarctica, real miracles are happening now,
as the cold continent begins to thaw, moreover, today
this process can be observed by almost everyone who has
The Internet. While it is possible, because this shop of the powerful of this world
can cover at any time …

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