Mysterious “medallion cemetery found of death”

Found a mysteriousPhoto from open sources

37-year-old military expert Dan Mackay discovered in a nearby field from London the burial of 14 thousand “medallions of death” since the Second World War II. Numerous British military tokens, allowing the identification of wounded and killed soldiers were simply buried in the ground. The specialist made this amazing find quite by accident, exploring the place where the forces were located in the war Royal Air Defense.

Mackay says: “My colleagues and I first saw a couple in the ground tokens and started to dig. Our surprise knew no bounds when we They realized that hundreds and even thousands of medallions were buried here. we they simply dug, and the tokens did not stop appearing from under the ground. In total, we extracted 5 thousand pieces of “medallions of death”, but, according to to our estimates, they are buried here at least 14 thousand, and even more. There was a feeling that we came across a huge chest with treasures. ”

A photo from open sources

The find was made half a year ago, however, Dan and his colleagues just now told about it to the public. The British wished return the “death medallions” to the families of their compatriots and for now only eight of them were found, with three tokens taken by themselves elderly veterans. However, most personal signs probably belongs to soldiers who died in the war, the search for relatives which is overly difficult, or even impossible.

However, where did this “cemetery” come from? Who needed to collect and bury all these medallions in the ground? Interesting thing is that military tokens found near London look relatively new, as if no one even wore them and even more so they didn’t lie 70 years in the land. It looks like some kind of “present” from the parallel measurements or from the past. By the way, those three veterans who came behind their “death medallions,” they themselves were shocked by the circumstance that such tokens exist, they don’t even have anything heard about them …


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