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We all know about the Bermuda Triangle – the anomalous zone where mysteriously disappeared ships and aircraft. However on there are other places in the earth that have a similar sad glory, in particular the Michigan Triangle located in the largest of all lakes in the USA.

This abnormal zone extends from Ludington to a half to Benton Harbor (USA, Michigan) and to Manitowoc (state Wisconsin). The length of the lake is about five hundred kilometers, and terrible storms often happen here, when the wind speed may exceed 120 km / h. Some experts believe that it is difficult weather conditions are the main reason for the mysterious disappearances. However, some loss cannot be “blamed” even on the most powerful wind.

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The Disappearance of Captain Donner in the Michigan Triangle

The strangest known (since many facts are simply classified) is considered the disappearance in this area of ​​captain George Donner in April 1937 Before that, Donner ran a cargo ship, spending it among the ice of the Great Lakes, and for several hours in a row not left the captain’s bridge. When the ship entered the waters of Michigan and danger passed, the tired captain allowed himself to rest and went to his cabin. Donner asked to be woken up by Arrival at Port Washington.

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About three hours passed, and the assistant came to fulfill the request of the captain. He had to knock on the door for a long time. cabins, however Donner did not respond. Crew members broke open the door and saw that there was nobody in the cabin. The whole ship was searched the most thoroughly, but the captain was never found. Later it turned out that he disappeared when the ship was in Michigan Triangle. The fate of George Donner still remains a riddle for everyone …

Missing Aircraft in the Michigan Triangle

In June 1950, following the flight New York – Seattle, in the sky above Michigan went missing DC-4 with 58 passengers on board. At that time it was the largest disaster in the history of America commercial aircraft.

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Being in the Benton Harbor area and fearing a severe thunderstorm and powerful gusts of wind, an experienced pilot asked permission to reduce height. Before the dispatcher had time to answer, the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. A sunken airliner was searched at the bottom using sonar, but did not find the slightest trace, although on surface water rescuers were found small debris aircraft and fragments of the remains of passengers … The cause of the accident, experts could not be determined, and it is still shrouded in mystery. However, there is an assumption that lightning hit the airliner either, it is quite possible that a strong wind has disabled devices. Only where did the plane go? ..

The Triangle of the Great Lakes

In 1977 Jay Gurley’s book, The Triangle of the Great Lakes, has been released. The author, a former pilot, writes that in the area per unit areas of mysterious disappearances account for more than in the famous Bermuda Triangle.

He also mentions that in connection with this Directorate of Civil aviation in these places a special control service was organized. She makes sure that pilots flying over the Great Lakes, continuously sent special signals to ground controllers. If the pilot “silent” for ten minutes, the program gives a signal to start search and rescue operation.

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This practice has helped save many human lives, in especially when ordinary accidents occurred. However cases the mysterious disappearance of aircraft and ships in Michigan the triangle still holds true about all this power try to be silent and not to devote more to this mysticism public. In addition, in this territory were recorded numerous occurrences of unidentified flying objects. The experts generally consider this area one of the most visited UFOs. well and where there are many such objects, something incredible always happens and not amenable to logic …

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