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Not so long ago, Brooklyn Enigma again interested scientists, because what exactly happened to the mysterious Molly Fancher, whom nicknamed “Brooklyn’s riddle,” no one has yet been able to understand, with that surveys and observations were more than enough.

Mysterious fainting

Until a certain moment, Molly was normal and healthy. a child. February 3, 1866 she felt dizzy and a minute later fell right in the kitchen. The girl’s mother decided that Molly was fainted, and tried to help her with conventional means. However when and after half an hour the daughter did not wake up, a family doctor was called to her Samuel Spaer. The doctor determined that the girl was in a trance, the reason for which during the first cursory examination to determine impossible. The doctor assured that Molly would recover in the morning.

However, this did not happen. Days, weeks and months passed, and the girl was still in a coma that bordered with death: breathing was hardly distinguishable, the pulse was not felt at times, the child’s body went limp as if it had just died person.

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Over time, Molly became more active, beginning to talk, but she didn’t get out of a trance state. Amazing but the girl embroidered, made flowers and wax figures, kept a diary, and also wrote in nine years more than six and a half thousand letters.


Suddenly, Molly started talking about the strange feelings and thoughts: as if everything that she did, in reality did some other person, already dead. Then the moment came when indeed Molly’s personality seemed to have died, and her place took a certain woman, not remembering anything about the events of nine recent years. Then four more selves appeared, and each of them got a name.

So, in the evenings in Molly awakened subpersonality with the name Idol. She was hostile to the daytime self, spoiling or hiding embroideries. Daytime “I” was called the Sunbeam. Idol and Sunbeam wrote letters to each other, while their handwriting differed. Since 1875 occasionally a subpersonality called Rosebud began to appear, who acted like a seven year old girl.

The public named Pearl (pearl) was the embodiment spirituality and behaved like a seventeen year old pretty girl. Ruby was not like Pearl, she was extremely energetic, witty creature.

Dr. Spaer’s observations of Molly indicate that, being in a trance state, she almost didn’t eat anything.

The Molly Fancher phenomenon gained immense fame in medical circles, because he, in fact, was a challenge to all medicine. Moreover, Molly could know what was going on for many kilometers from her, for example, how is a person dressed in another city ​​or even in another country, as well as the fact that he is in a given the moment feels. Molly also knew what was in the letters, which she didn’t read, and so on.

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And what do modern scientists think

Interestingly, these days at the mention of the case of Molly Fancher attention is usually focused on her amazing fasting, and clairvoyant abilities do not mention or talk about them in passing. In the latter case, they will not fail to add that Molly’s psychic abilities may have been a scam. A because clairvoyance was documented by scientists time. Also, the existence of subpersonalities is not mentioned.

In a trance, Molly Fancher spent 46 years. Both Dr. Spaer and parents she died a long time ago when a woman finally regained consciousness (also an unprecedented case). It happened in 1912, and in 1915 seventy-three Molly Fancher died peacefully in a dream.


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