Mysterious Mount Chameleon Uluru

Mysterious Mount Chameleon UluruA photo from open sources

To see this natural wonder, in the center of the Australian up to half a million tourists annually leave the continent Do not confuse the heat and hordes of annoying insects.

Mount Chameleon changes its color several times a day – in depending on how the sun illuminates it. Uluru (Ayers Rock) formed about 680 million years ago. Actually, you can say that it is one giant stone, the length which is 3.6 kilometers wide – 3 kilometers, and height – 348 meters. Above the mountain resembles an elephant, which lies on its side.

Disputes regarding the nature of this rock continue to this day. Alone consider it a monolith, others claim that underground Uluru connected to the Kata-Tjuta Mountain (Olga Mountain), which is located from it 25 kilometers away.

A photo from open sources

At the foot of Uluru, people settled 10 thousand years ago. However the whole the rest of the world learned about the amazing grief relatively recently. The first European to see her (1872) was Ernest Giles, located at this time near Lake Amadius. However climbing Uluru happened only a year later. It was made by William Goss, who gave grief a second name – Ayers Rock.

Red Mountain with a halo of mystery

Aborigines consider Uluru a door that connects the world of people with the world of spirits. For centuries, shamans held their rites here. To this day, for locals, this mountain is a cult place. True, for some tribes, Uluru is an assistant who is asked for various good for themselves, while others believe that she is the repository of evil spirits. There is such a belief that in reality the rock inside is hollow and in her heart lurks a certain source of sacred energy and inexhaustible strength …

A photo from open sources

Uluru really seems like a mystical place, because she is not only changes its already strange color, but also inexplicably affects the human psyche. For example, Australian traveler and writer Robin Davidson in his book claimed she had never felt so amazing before the power that comes from Uluru. By the way, the natives are sure: if man takes even a small pebble of this mountain, he will be damned. And many of the tourists confirm this. People admit that it was worth they get a similar “souvenir”, as their life was overshadowed by failure and misfortune. Therefore, the post offices of Australia are constantly parcels with stones come: senders from around the world return diabolical energy “home.”

Mount Chameleon Attracts Tourists

Tourists Uluru opened only in the middle of the last century. Should to say that the locals do not impede their pilgrimage, because this is a good income item. However, natives believe that tourists should not climb a mountain. Such ascents have not yet brought happiness, but tragedies – more than enough. And all because these rises offend the spirit of the ruler of the mountain and he punishes the daring climbers. An official ban on this subject has not been issued, however most tourists respect the beliefs of the local people, and therefore Enjoys the view of Uluri from the ground (which is also very impressive).

A photo from open sources

Also at the foot of the mountain there are places where you can’t take pictures, and this is also explained by the beliefs of the natives. In these places special plates are installed. They say that some a couple in love, despite the ban, was photographed in such a place, and the very next day the young people quarreled. Offended girl left the hotel room – and disappeared without a trace, they could not find her …

The nearest city where tourists can stay is Yulara. is he located eighteen kilometers from Uluru. In order to get the right to visit the chameleon mountain, you just need to buy a ticket. Some 25 Australian dollars – and you can admire the miracle mountain as much as 72 hours …

Australia Stones

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