Mysterious mud spilled from the sky in Canada

Residents of Kelowna in the far west of Canada reported
falling into the sky of an incomprehensible substance, similar to dark dirt.
Most of all got to the cars which were on the street which
suddenly found themselves covered with this filth.

According to the owners of the car, to wash the dirt was a real punishment.
Surprisingly, the mysterious phenomenon turned out to be extremely
localized: on some streets the vile slur was everywhere, and on
there was not a drop of others, as if someone from above was consciously
watered the territory.

Local officials, law enforcement officers and specialists are staying in
perplexed, being unable to explain the nature of the incident.
A statement was even made by the national air carrier “Transport
Canada “who assured compatriots that the mysterious substance
could not fall off the planes. Conspiracy therapists talk about
aliens, the failure of the “Matrix”, the government
experiments, meteorological weapons and other fantastic, on
first look, stuff.

Of course, the easiest way to blame it all on some newcomers,
some Internet users write, it’s surprising that our
scientists have recently been completely powerless before
natural phenomena. They not only cannot predict them, but
even explain.

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