Mysterious noise plagues Chicago residents

Mysterious noise plagues Chicago residentsPhotos from open sources of

The last few weeks, residents of one of the Chicago areas have become hear an inexplicable buzzing sound that is quite annoying and literally driving them crazy. The most interesting and mysterious lies in the fact that not everyone can hear it. Not less, the number of Americans suffering from a strange buzz, in the thousands, and they all describe this noise in the same way. Eyewitnesses discuss the phenomenon on the Internet, but cannot understand it. nature.

Anomalous noise is reported to occur in Lake View during the day. and at night, at the same hours. Situation as mentioned above exacerbated by the fact that only part of the townspeople hears these sounds. Even there were only two people among local journalists who themselves caught a strange buzz. Media officers tried to find him source, but only managed to determine that the sound is not related to work enterprises, city services and transport.

Different people may have different hearing sensitivity, and some of us are simply not able to pick up those sound vibrations, which others catch. Experts talk about the movement of air masses over the city. In addition, some experts believe that metal structures of the city may deform and make noise due to temperature changes. But why right now, are being asked the question is those who this buzz already got why no one used to did not hear? One way or another, the search for the source of the buzz continues, however, so far, alas, to no avail …

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