Mysterious object in the sky over California

A mysterious object in the sky over CaliforniaPhotos from open sources of

The other day, residents of Central California witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the sky. From the local air base “Vandenberg” December 19 was supposed to take off a one-time launch vehicle “Delta IV Heavy”, delivering a satellite into orbit US National Aerospace Intelligence Administration. Despite that the launch was canceled ten minutes before the planned time, in the dark evening sky at 17:30 an incomprehensible thing still arose glowing object.

It looked like a swirling radiant trail from the same rocket, however, this, of course, was impossible, since the start of the earthly the aircraft did not take place. Specialists concluded that this there was a sporadic meteor breaking away from an asteroid or comet. By a fantastic coincidence, a meteor flew into the atmosphere over California at the very moment when it was supposed to happen missile launch missile. Amazing coincidence, not true is it?

That’s why many ufologists thought it was suspicious. According to one version, the rocket still flew into space, however, the military for some reason ineptly tried hide this fact. Another hypothesis says that everything became the fault representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Say, the Americans saw in something in the sky that made them cancel the orbit artificial satellite. The glow arose above because of the activities of aliens, most likely flying away, since they waited for the launch of the earth’s rocket.


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