Mysterious on the French coast substance

Mysterious substance brought to the French coastA photo from open sources

Thousands of lumps of incomprehensible yellow substance carried to the north coast of France. Mysterious whipped substance is somewhat reminds beeswax or candy iris, however eyewitnesses argue that to the touch this thing is very unpleasant.

Many visitors to Côte d’Opale did not even dare to touch her. They assume that this substance, which lies in tons Now on the beaches, can be poisonous or radioactive.

Employees of the French Center for the Study of Water Pollution argue that the mysterious “seafood” does not represent for campers no danger. Scientists have taken several samples. substances and determined that it has an oily structure. Researchers recalled how similar pieces were in 2010 carried out on the coast of the United Kingdom. Then british reporters wrote that it was about palm oil, merged Chinese tanker into the ocean.

A photo from open sources

Perhaps palm oil was also brought to Cote d’Opale? Or is it some petroleum product? However, some witnesses claim that the lumps themselves move and even move slowly. So, a local resident Dominic Monsigny told reporters that he kicked one of the balls with his foot, and he suddenly began to crawl to the side. The surprised man tried to “wake up” the other yellow lumps, however, they remained motionless. It was so startling and even frightened Dominic that he hastened to leave the coast, since he had a sense of danger …

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