Mysterious people in Argentina mysteriously communicate with by someone from the sea

Mysterious people in Argentina mysteriously communicate with someone from the seaA photo from open sources

This amazing story was told by an eyewitness who I encountered a very strange phenomenon: mysterious people nearby from Masarredo Bay in the Argentinean province of Santa Cruz also mysteriously chatted with someone from the sea.

According to him, this happened on December 2 of this year. The man was so impressed by what happened that he decided to turn to representatives of the ufological community “Mutual UFO Network”, providing them with detailed satellite images of the place where it is It happened. He asked the researchers to keep his name a secret, fearing for her life and the life of her girl, who also saw something she probably shouldn’t have seen.

A photo from open sources

The witness says that he was traveling with his girlfriend in the city Puerto Deseado along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. When the beginning getting dark, the Argentines decided to stay in a small motel. The next morning they set off on foot to Masarredo Bay, a few kilometers from there. Approaching the shore, our heroes noticed five white cars, each of which had an orange symbol in the form crossed out circle. Near the cars people were bustling in strange almost translucent jumpsuits. These mysterious individuals erected near the water a 10-meter tower, similar to something from Hollywood science fiction movie.

Mysterious experiment by the sea

Suddenly an amazing sound was heard from the ocean, reminiscent of whale singing and some kind of cosmic music at the same time. Further something even more delightful and implausible happened. A powerful flash of light lit up at the top of the tower, after which a ray of light flew straight to the sea horizon. Several passed seconds, and the same flash sparkled in the sea, after which the light the beam came back, “hitting” the tower. Travelers, by chance witnesses of this scene were simply shocked. When people in costumes noticed our heroes, a man and a woman automatically waved to strangers. They did the same, after which one of them went to the travelers and said hello.

A photo from open sources

Pretending to be lost, the lovers asked a stranger tell them where the nearest motel is located. Man in the suit politely showed her the direction, and then our heroes found in I dared to ask him what people are doing here. The man replied that this was an important scientific experiment, and asked our heroes leave this place for their safety. The puzzled travelers left immediately, without even realizing remove the tower, participants in the experiment, or at least their means movement on a smartphone. True, it is not known whether it was safe. Capture it all on camera.

A photo from open sources

Coincidence or not, but exactly opposite the bay of Masarredo disappeared November 15 this year, the Argentinean submarine “ARA San Juan (S-42)” with 44 military on board. The ship just disappeared from the radar, and an international search operation failed to find it. Is it really submarine fell victim to a mysterious experiment? Or maybe aliens? Who conducted this experiment: military or not? what they were for strange sounds and no less mysterious impulses, sent and received by an outlandish tower on the shore? Who posted response impulse from the sea? Unfortunately, the general public is unlikely Does he ever know the answers to these questions, since they are clearly carefully hide.

A photo from open sources

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