Mysterious phenomenon captured in Canada

A mysterious phenomenon captured in CanadaPhotos from open sources of

A very unusual sight was observed last week by a resident Of Canada. He noticed at sunset the so-called light pole – optical atmospheric effect in the form of vertical radiance, stretching into the sky from the setting sun. Interesting but nothing like unusual, since this natural phenomenon has been well studied.

According to scientists, all blame weighted in the air ice crystals reflecting sunlight. In cold weather such pillars may also rise above sources of artificial lighting like streetlights and bright signage. In other words, everything very simple and, most importantly, natural.

However, the light pole that appeared before Canadian, was far from simple. The fact is that over this a radiant circle formed from small clouds that had same dimensions and triangular shape. Of course, the eyewitness was very surprised by such a discovery.

Stills with the image of a strange anomaly spread around many World Wide Web resources. Web users cannot find rational explanation for this phenomenon. If the light pole and not is something supernatural, a ring of pyramidal clouds above it clearly goes beyond the ordinary. And no one has yet explained them can not. Is it only from the point of view of the theory of intelligent clouds? But also in this case it is not clear what attracted these mysterious cloud formations in that light column, have they really flocked just to to admire a rare natural phenomenon? Then why nobody did not notice before near such pillars of light?

These are the questions that Internet users ask. And you Have an opinion on this? ..

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