Mysterious phenomenon – invisible walls

Ufologists have long been familiar with the phenomenon of invisible barriers that arise around the UFO after they land. But for some reason, cases are recorded the appearance of exactly the same invisible fences around … nothing. Around forests, meadows or bare plains. What for? There are aliens just “invisible entities” want to stay “untouchables”?

“Walls” on the road

In November 1960, Mrs. Dorothy Strong took a taxi by one of the Otterburn roads in Northunberland. She drove like times in those places where a great battle took place in the XIV century. Later the woman described that all of a sudden “suddenly the engine of the car died out, the counter started spinning like crazy, and it seemed to me … that she rested against an invisible wall. From all sides we were surrounded by soldiers (!) which then dissolved in air. “After the publication of this a case in the press it turned out that the locals also more than once encountered an invisible barrier at this place.

Mysterious phenomenon - invisible wallsA photo from open sources

In 1975, a similar wall arose near a parking lot in Durham (Northern England). At least 4 drivers tried in reverse drive your cars into an empty seat, but rested against an invisible barrier. Mrs. Dilis Kant described her Feelings like this: “As if you are driving a wheel onto the sidewalk, but … no sidewalk! “As soon as the police arrived to find out, weird the effect has stopped.

Some even manage to touch the transparent walls! If the wall is at least a little cloudy, as if cellophane-mesh with mind, then she often burns her fingers, as it was in 1989 with 16-year-old Natasha from Nalchik (someone tried to lift her into the air such a transparent wall); but most often such barriers reminiscent of “something resilient, like rubber, on a steel lining,” if you press a little harder – you will feel absolutely insurmountable barrier, But in both cases ephemeral The wall is an excellent one-way sound insulator.

Soundproof “walls” and “traps”

Speaking of soundproof walls. In Gallatin (USA) occurred case of ‘disappearance of a person, after which the seekers for a long time heard his screams. Judge August Peck disappeared, and disappeared right on the sight of his friend David Lang, to whom he was going to visit. In addition to Lang, who looked out of the window, the judge saw the disappearance numerous neighbors. At first they thought that Peck had fallen into some kind of pit, searched the entire meadow with an area of ​​about 16 hectares, but the pits were not found. After some time, the Lang children found: where the judge disappeared, grazing animals did not touch the grass, leaving it uneaten on an even circular section with a diameter of 6 m. There, in this circle, children and heard the judge cry for help.

Since then, screams, as if coming from the depths, have been heard by everyone day, but gradually they became quieter and quieter.

Unfortunately, no reports of this incident were reported. did people go inside the circle … Judging by the cases below, there are “circles” where it’s not easy to go, if at all perhaps. In 1935, in Mayo (England) near the hill known in the neighborhood as a “fort fairies”, a girl-servant who was sent around affairs in the neighboring village. The search was unsuccessful, but she herself missing soon returned home exhausted and told an amazing story: as soon as she wanted to leave the forest in a clearing, how she felt “a strange push, he came from inside rather than outside”.

A photo from open sources

The girl again unsuccessfully tried to reach the hillside, then decided to do it where she first entered the forest, she came back and … felt that she was “surrounded by an invisible wall, to go through which it cannot. “She was in a transparent trap. several hours, constantly leading along hard walls with his hands and searching exit. Soon groups of rescuers appeared, people passed in less than 20 yards (18m), but didn’t see the girl waving and didn’t heard her heart-rending cries for help. Moreover, she herself heard each word is on the other side of the wall.

When people left, the wall suddenly disappeared completely or partially, the girl did not specify, without feeling the usual obstacles with her hand, she rushed out of an invisible trap [Dermot McManus. Average kingdom, 1973].

In July 1998, in the Devil’s Den during the 26th Dipper expeditions 6 people also faced a similar situation: 4 person (A. Lipkin, A, Gutenev, I, Teymyan, P. Chernobrov) perfectly heard and saw 2 people appearing next to them (A. Mkhitaryan, B. Grigoriev), although they did not see or hear screams for a long time first. True, although no one noticed the invisible walls, but in suddenly appeared “out of the blue” pit car “Moskvich” failed …

At the end of August of the same year in the area of ​​Shaitan Lake (Omsk region) a group of researchers from Naberezhnye Chelny visited led by Tamara Vasilyevna Ermakova. Ermakova’s group first deed moved to the area of ​​Shaitan Lake, but a local resident warned them that “you can disappear” here, and indicated more safe road to the lake. But they still got lost, although the goal was near. Tamara Vasilievna lost her group and “felt unusual silence and incomprehensible isolation from the world of people. ” Stopping at a lonely tree, she intuitively took a sharp step forward, and immediately the sounds and normal state returned. Right away came the voices of other participants in the campaign, who saw their leader, as if “emerged from nowhere” …

Magical “walls”

Mentioning about damn places and “fort fairies” in previous cases it was not at all random. As expected, similar phenomena always traced throughout history. It was believed for example, fairies could well put a transparent forbidden wall on the road leading to their kingdom; ancient wisdom says that if you will run at full gallop into an invisible barrier, immediately look ahead without blinking between your horse’s ears and you may You will see a round dance of fairies or the little devils stopping you. (Why between the horse’s ears, most likely the horse, like all animals, unlike from adults, sees these “invisible” entities “).

Witches also successfully did the same, for example, in revenge for refusal to drive them in a cart. But all of them together turned out to be powerless against the same defense delivered by a skilled hand. Recall Gogol’s “Wii” based on folk traditions: there no evil could penetrate the circle outlined by Homa until until once a drunk Homa depicted him full of holes. Ancient knowledge skillfully used by others. So the famous Thomas Aquinas, who learned magic from Albert the Great, according legend, buried a copper horse specially cast for this, after why not a single wagon drove past under its windows and no the noise did not distract him from his thoughts.

The insurmountable walls are even mentioned in the Old Testament. Balaam, whom God forbade to move any way, disobeyed, but failed to advance a meter. First his donkey flatly under any torture refused to move on, then the road every time the “angel of the Lord” blocked.

Around 1720, General Andrew Jackson somehow decided personally verify the “tricks of evil spirits” near Bell’s Farms in Tennessee (USA). He had hardly approached the bewitched place like “the wheels of the crew seemed to freeze into the ground”, how many those accompanying the general did not whip the horses; they did not move with places. Suddenly, everyone clearly heard someone’s voice: “All right, General, the carriage can go! “, and the crew set off immediately.

Sometimes such walls not only appear and disappear, but also “breathe”, i.e. change their shape and geometry. Well known cases when invisible forces suddenly began to put pressure on cars, and they were forced to abruptly move anywhere. Such There were extremely many incidents, according to Fort. April-May 1927, In Sunbury (Ontario, Canada) Mrs. Selina Legris described her feelings in the police this way; “Something invisible force lifted my car and with force threw it behind the centerline the road … ”

At the beginning of our century, a certain Parisian woman complained to the judge that an invisible force makes her go down on all fours every time when she enters her apartment.

Having taken the woman for a madwoman, the court detained her, and into the apartment sent his official. However uncle, nephew and neighbors word in word confirmed her story. Concierge finished off court testimony: “I thought my tenants are crazy, but when I go to them entered, then found that I was going on all fours! ” carefully treated the mysterious story and ordered carry out disinfection in all rooms [“Daily Mail”, 1907, 1 May]. To think over, after the residents were sprinkled with bleach, they lost the desire to complain about mysterious phenomena …

Repulsive places

Now scientists have the opportunity to take revenge for lost time once an opportunity to solve a mystery. Most recently they interested in strange phenomena happening near the hill Megurs (Bacau, Romania). A few years ago there large treasure (2000 silver coins of the era of the Roman emperor Trayan), then spotted over Megurz (in Romanian – “mound”) mysterious blue flame. And now the unknown force has become pushing cars at the foot of a hill. Local correspondent Ora weekly states: “The hood of the car rose as if from action of a mighty underground spring, and the car drove back to top of the hill! ”

A photo from open sources

A similar place is said to exist in China, in Uyghur Autonomous County of northwestern Gansu. Audit by Lanzhou University Professor Fang Xiaomin, confirmed that at a local site 60 meters long, everything round objects, cars with engines turned off spontaneously moving up. Even water flows up the slope with a slope of 15 degrees!

According to old men, strange places where an unknown force rises on the path torn to secret knowledge, exists in Russia, to for example, near Tula, on the banks of Upa. Travelers stumbled there too to suddenly becoming resilient “air”. Daredevils who infiltrated nevertheless, they didn’t come back inside. However, they say so old men. But you never know, they will invent fairy tales such as “Stone Flower”, where Danila through all the obstacles and walls breaks first to the Mistress of Copper Mountains, then from her? ..

What are the walls?

We are constantly reminded that fairy tales are a hint, but have not been found yet among the boundless Russian forests, the invisible “city of Kitezh” and others mysterious kingdoms. According to the works of the Roerichs, similar is nevertheless exists, but in distant Tibet. High moral living there holy people who are much higher than us in spiritual development, they preach good and peace, exert their influence on almost the whole world.

According to other data (obtained from Nalchik, Moscow contactees), allegedly there are emigrants from the constellation Orion, descendants civilization that has lost its own planet, which separated from underdeveloped earthlings by the wall, so as not to seduce us ahead of time their transcendental and dangerous knowledge in bad hands. Many there are still legends and versions about this distant country called Shambhala, but they all agree on one thing: Shambhala is separated from the rest of the world with a transparent energy wall to overcome which impossible to an evil or untrained person.

Needless to say, all the attempts of numerous expeditions to find this enchanted place were unsuccessful. Travelers saw a mysterious glow, lights, fiery UFOs, heard someone’s voices. A flair told everyone that the solution was somewhere near, perhaps, a stone’s throw, but … each time for different reasons people came back with nothing.

Although, maybe someone has achieved the goal, perhaps some even came back and live among us, but these people, understandably the reasons are silent … What did the devils, fairies, sorcerers hide (as soon as nor called the builders of “castles in the air”) and aliens hide behind your invisible walls? What our ephemeral neighbors do for reliable fences – they build their houses from high energies, extract minerals, conduct scientific research, observe for our behavior or maybe just resting or doing such cases, the names of which are not in our dictionaries?

Alas, this question is mostly turned into a void, people, returning from behind that side of the walls, although much more than “blessed by Shambhala,” but they “saw nothing, nothing heard, “they received all unusual sensations only through touch. Maybe because violators were released because they didn’t come in too far? Or erased memory? In a word, walls on which it is written “No trespassing”, continue to keep their secrets and strangers are not allowed.

Aliens are us. People. Which have only recently become to guess that on Earth they are far from alone and far from first …

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