Mysterious pieces fall from the sky in Florida ice

In Florida, mysterious chunks of ice fall from the skyPhoto from open sources

This fantastic phenomenon is fixed the other day in the city. Cape Coral (USA, Florida). Amid a clear day, practically from blue sky, pieces suddenly fell on one of the apartment buildings strange ice.

It was clearly not a hail. First, the sky remained clear, day solar, and meteorologists later confirmed that the fall of hail at that moment in Cape Coral was not observed. Secondly, the ice itself were strange in shape, as if formed in large puddles. Third, these icy “heavenly gifts” behaved too implausible – they did not break into small pieces on the ground, which typical of ordinary ice, and left deep in the soil dents. Finally, a few seconds before the “bombing” of the earth, these ice shells have already begun to create a very distinctive sound, as from falling shells.

Scientists have put forward a number of assumptions, which, as always, are nothing they didn’t explain, but only confused the understanding of what happened that day in Florida. For example, one of the hypotheses that this frozen water from the drain tank of a flying airplane seemed funny not only to pilots, but even ordinary citizens of the United States. And others the versions were even more ridiculous and funnier.

Ufologists immediately connected the incident with aliens, and this can It would be believed, however, such an assumption is again little explains: what is it all the same, why and who needs it, if even allow aliens to take part in this ugliness?

By the way, such fantastic chunks of ice are falling from the clear sky. not the first time in the USA …


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