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In Mexico there is a small village of Chavinda. And although they live in it ordinary people doing ordinary things considered not quite normal. Chavinda – one of the mysterious zones of our planet, where some mystical, explained by the laws of our physical world events. And they are connected according to researchers of paranormal phenomena, so that in This village and its environs are distorted by space and time.

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In search of a mysterious treasure

A good illustrator of this statement is the story. lovers of easy money who came to Chavindu, having obtained somewhere a card with a treasure supposedly buried in these places back in ancient times. It’s not clear, however, for what reason two friends decided to get him out of the ground at night, maybe this it was said in the explanation of the map, or maybe these adventurers just did not want to attract attention. Anyway, by choosing On a bright moonlit night, the men set off for business.

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At the moment when they were digging the earth, suddenly came unnaturally loud horse pounding, although there was no road near and then in in the moonlight a beautiful horseman appeared on the same beautiful strong and well-groomed horse. And this horse did not stand still, but, like clockwork, constantly moving forward and backward. Gold diggers, these brave and even desperate people, were scared to death, although in the form of a rider there was nothing to worry about. All of a sudden he broke the silence, and explained that he saw men from the mountain, and therefore I decided to drive up and ask if they need help. It would seem that, an ordinary phrase, but looking in the direction indicated by the rider of the mountain, with which on a horse, even the fastest, you need to ride here for two hours or three, treasure hunters were completely numb with horror. And the next for a moment they fled from the cursed place, which was to the spirit, afraid to look back back, because the same terrible horse was heard behind them stomp …

The next morning the night incident seemed to friends not so scary, the appearance of the horseman they logically explained for themselves, assuming that about the mountain he said just like that – for fun. However, it remained incomprehensible for men what made them so scared but treasure hunters attributed this fear to their inflated nerves, because after all, they didn’t go for a romantic walk yesterday at night. In short, they decided to continue the search for treasure.

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But there it was, the devil continued to haunt the seekers easy profit. Their brand new cars suddenly turned into some pimples that are at least twenty years old, or even more. The machines were practically not repairable; they needed to be throw and buy others. Moreover, one of the cars somehow became invisible to other drivers, it several times shot down per day, the last time a truck crashed into a car, the owner whom the turnip scratched for a long time in perplexity, whence appeared on the road this old junk.

There were other strange mystical things that it was impossible to explain anything. In the end, the men decided refuse to search for treasure and even solemnly burned the old a card that did them more harm than good.

And then immediately everything fell into place, the next morning after that buddies left the hotel and found a historical solution near it their new cars, which not only returned their former appearance and lost characteristics, in an invisible car even disappeared traces of accidents. Men got into the car and left as soon as possible Chavindu is a scary place, especially, as it turned out, for seekers of ancient treasures.

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Tourist trip to the mysterious zone

Everything is explained simply: in Chavind and its environs there is an anomalous zone, of which there are many on Earth, which is why spatio-temporal distortions occur. And this in his the queue gives rise to all kinds of devilry. However, on the other hand, all this attracts tourists here who do not enjoy here only beautiful views of nature, amazing sights of the region, in contact with culture and distinctive national traditions of the Mexican village, but still become witnesses or even participants in various mystical events. For example, they can meet people in ancient clothes that disappear before our eyes, suddenly notice that somewhere disappeared all day, or even two, note a strange change in his appearance, almost always for the better, if you are a kind person, and on the contrary, and so on.

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Here are just the hospitable locals, it seems, none of this do not notice. No, they can, of course, tell you a bunch of like horror stories, while mysteriously smiling with one eye. And right there offer some amazing food, great wine or a walk to the most exotic places of Chavinda and its environs. And – no mystery!

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