Mysterious planet Nibiru returns?

The mysterious planet Nibiru is returning?A photo from open sources

Nibiru is one of the mythical planets of our solar system with the period of revolution around the star in 3600 Earth years. One time in this period it draws closer to the Earth and literally arranges here planetary disaster.

All these are just assumptions not yet proven by science, but the appearance of Nibiru on the “cosmic horizon” is quite possible – what only miracles do not happen! Or maybe we are already observing this appearance since this month a huge sphere in the sky recorded several sources at once – it was seen by residents The United States of America and, moreover, something like that recorded the Big South African telescope.

For example, an American – a resident of Fremont – “approaching Nibiru “recorded yesterday while driving a car along the Dumbarton Bridge and photographed a beautiful sunset from a car window. As it happens in in this case, he found something unusual in the pictures only on the next morning (pictured).

In the video (shot with a telescope) it is easy to notice how on the thirteenth second, a mysterious spherical anomaly appears. What is it, hard to say, perhaps a UFO, but also easy to guess and the appearance of the fantastic planet Nibiru.

And finally, one more “lucky” – a resident of Arkansas these days captured in pictures (a series of photos, designed as watching a video on YouTube), how a certain spherical object moves down, leaving a luminous trail. Again, it’s not clear what is it, but – interesting …

In addition, it is mysterious and a little scary: what if Nibiru is actually comes back, and, finally, the prophecy about Apocalypse? ..

Nibiru Telescope

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