Mysterious Pokaynsky Forest

Mysterious Pokaynsky ForestPhotos from open sources

The mysterious Pokainsky forest is located in the Dobele district in the south Latvia, approximately ninety kilometers from the capital. Area it is four hundred hectares. Until the 20th century on this the place was spread by a hilly field, which was covered by a rare bush…

Zemgale Sanctuary

The fact that this territory is unique became known in 1996. Riga historian researcher Ivars Vicks told reporters about mysterious properties of local stones and unusual meteorological phenomena. After a short time, the researcher died from rapidly progressive cancer. Vicks job continued Yevgeny Sidorov, also a Latvian scientist, physicist-radio electronics engineer.

It’s no secret that Pokainsky Forest is an object of pilgrimage for many people who consider him endowed with healing power. Enthusiasts paved paths here between the stones, and some of the boulders were even given names. And indeed, this place is extraordinary and mysterious. There are exactly thirty hills in the Pokainsky forest. Foliage on for some reason, oaks grow only on one side. However most hit the local stones.

A photo from open sources

It is not known where these massive boulders came from here. There is true, the hypothesis that in the old days came here from afar pilgrims who left stones symbolizing liberation from sins. They also say that one of the hills is fraught with something else a radioactive meteorite, not that ancient burial, but maybe the pagan sanctuary of the Zemgals (as one of the Baltic peoples). You can also hear what was going on in these places once thirty priests-druids – and, mind you, each on his own hill – and controlled the weather.

Old-timers especially say a lot about the hill with the name Ziggurat – perhaps man-made, which was once hollow. He could be a kind of dolmen – the sanctuary of a long era of megaliths, a portal designed to escape into a different world of hermits and priests.

There are legends that the ancient Zemgals could foresee and partially change the future. With the help of special rituals, they became time invisible and led women out of the city besieged by the enemy and children.

Miraculous this Grail

Ivars Vicks himself had no doubt that all thirty hills of Pokainsky forests are artificial, and the masonry scattered here is parts of a complex system whose purpose is to create an effect energy resonance. The researcher argued that that the local mushrooms are fantastic, and oak crowns as if twisted by a certain force into a spiral. Wicks even took a chance suggest that the legendary holy grail has an intangible nature and is a stream of pure cosmic energy, easily spilling into the bowl of the local forest.

A separate mystery is the local temperature anomalies. Than explain, for example, the fact that many boulders remain warm in any weather? Stones have healing properties: some cure joint diseases, others – osteochondrosis, others – any female ailments. However, not everything is so simple, there are among them such that pose a danger to humans. Sometimes yielding temptation, the tourists took away the stone they liked, but soon regretted their frivolity, becoming a victim of the disease or accident.

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Be that as it may, but after visiting the Pokainsky forest even the most inveterate skeptics began to believe in the supernatural the power of local nature.

Sensible luminous balls

There is a special place in the forest called the Valley of Spirits, although people do not see ghosts there. It’s all about the extraordinary luminous balls that are not visible to the naked eye even professional ufologists, but clearly captured and manifest on photographs. At the Latvian UFOIats Abnormal Research Center This phenomenon is conventionally called spherical objects. unknown to us genesis (SHONG). Member of this center Eugene Sidorov, for example, does not exclude that luminous balls have psychoactive nature, they say, they are endowed with a mysterious mind. it contactees, yogis, psychics who have visited this zone also confirm and so on, which through meditation sometimes “called” UFOs, and sometimes fixed anomalies in the forest with equipment. It also argues for rational nature. objects.

A photo from open sources

American researcher Jim Hurtock said that already in mid-seventies of the last century some satellites NASA, of those that tracked the military activity of the Soviet Union, recorded in the Latvian territory a powerful source of underground radiation. The anomaly was about 340 kilometers in diameter, its center was in the vicinity of Dobele. The Americans mistakenly believed that they “detected” a certain radiation reliably classified in the USSR military facility, which was based in Pokaynsky forest. This version, however, was not confirmed.

Time Stones of the USSR �

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