Mysterious rain poured on a tiny part roads in italy

Mysterious rain poured on a tiny part of the road in ItalyA photo from open sources

The video below appears to have hit the Internet just the other day, although a mysterious incident took place in the Italian city of Palermo back in 2016. But for some reason then no one paid attention to this news, although it deserves it without any doubts. However, see and judge for yourself.

In the evening, it started to rain in one of the local streets, however this is amazing: water poured from the sky only on a tiny part roads measuring just a few square meters. Numerous eyewitnesses, passing this place, shook with surprise shoulders.

To a considerable surprise came motorists driving along the road. Many of them stopped their cars as they approached. to the anomaly, however, making sure that it is ordinary water, continued traffic. Young people stood up under the stream, as if on the street a mysterious shower appeared, though without walls, warm water and opportunities to turn off this shower pouring from the sky.

On the video you can also see a police car: either law enforcement officers became interested in a strange “localized rain”, either happened to be nearby by accident.

It is noteworthy that there weren’t any water towers that could leak. So the speech is rather everything, it’s about a bizarre natural phenomenon that for some reason, neither scientists nor amateurs became interested paranormal phenomena. But judging by the video, there were still those who appreciated the uniqueness of such rain and shot it on video …

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