Mysterious rings of smoke arise in the sky throughout the world

Mysterious rings of smoke occur in the sky around the world.A photo from open sources

A mysterious air phenomenon has been seen in recent months during many parts of the world. Huge rings of black smoke emerge from from nowhere above the ground and soar for some time in the sky, after which disappear without a trace. An anomaly has been repeatedly observed in Russia, Kazakhstan, UK, America, Portugal, Italy, Canada and many other countries of the world. No one can explain what it is such and where it comes from.

One would think that smoky rings are produced by pipes. factories or power plants, however, the phenomenon is noticed even where there are no such objects within a radius of hundreds of kilometers. According to another skeptical theory, we are talking about the pyrotechnic effect, caused by the burning of special combustible compounds on the ground. Though Again, it is strange that the general public about this method entertainment is not known. Chemists could have it is easy to prove that smoky rings are man-made and are the results of someone’s pranks. And they are silent: it means it can’t be such …

Ufologists believe that we can deal with something unusual. On the the mind immediately comes a recently thundered sci-fi movie “Arrival”, the plot of which aliens used similar black rings for communication with our civilization. According to UFO researchers, smoke circles may also constitute emissions left in the sky by invisible alien aircraft or other unidentified flying objects, for example, secret military aircraft.

Black ring in the UK sky

Last time I shot a similar black ring on a camcorder British Kimberly Robinson (see video below), which the other day driving a car with her boyfriend when they suddenly noticed this strange UFO in the sky. Young people even stopped the car and for some time they perplexedly watched the smoky ring in blue to blue.

On the same day, something similar was seen in the United States of America. (state of Missouri). Such black rings, as if some unknown giants-smokers are already becoming familiar for earthlings. Familiar and still inexplicable.

Or maybe, after all, the aliens are naughty or the clouds themselves, which behave like sentient beings too? ..

UK Time Russia

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