Mysterious shadow crossing the Earth

Mysterious shadow crossing the EarthPhotos from open sources of

Independent researchers note that recently with something unreasonable is happening in the world: the weather is literally going crazy, the climate is changing, volcanoes are waking up, the earth is trembling, plus all sorts of abnormal phenomena that explain very hard.

For example, what is this invasion of a strange oily substance on the north coast of France, which scared the locals, because there’s not only a lot of her, she also behaves like numerous lurking creatures. Moreover, local authorities like always trying to reassure people with some kind of already bored everyone fables about petroleum products, palm oil and other nonsense.

A photo from open sources

And what are these terrible thunderclouds in the Kaluga region of Russia, who have never been seen here before? They are natural, are set Russians question, or is it something technogenic or even alien? And there are thousands, if not more, one yellowstone supervolcano is worth it though FEMA employees are trying in every possible way to minimize, and world “academics” of all stripes in general pretend that with our nothing happens on the planet: some frivolous individual comments, and all about the same thing – global warming.

But all over the past week, ufologists and conspiracy therapists surprised by a five-second video showing a full day Earth (in accelerated form, of course), which was shot by a Japanese satellite Himawari-8 (geostationary orbit over the Pacific Ocean). Look like that’s it normal: the sun, as expected, illuminates the Earth, its reflection in in the form of a bright spot moves from right to left on the surface of the earth. However, what a dark spot, astonished researchers write, mysteriously moves, on the contrary, from left to right and, moreover, along diagonals? Maybe the shadow of the moon, but the satellite itself is not a shadow discards, he needs to stand between the Sun and the Earth, for that in this case, it simply cannot be. Then what is this shadow huge and straight fantastic, obliquely crossing planet? ..

Russia Sun

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