Mysterious shadow flew against the street lantern

A mysterious shadow flew against a street lampPhoto from open sources

Although the mysterious video below was received on June 25, 2018, it has just surfaced on the Internet and immediately interested researchers of supernatural and unexplained phenomena.

It is reported that the outdoor surveillance camera took off at 02:17 a.m. something strange in one of the car parks of an American city Rantula, Illinois. Recording device locked on video an incomprehensible shadow flying rapidly against the background of a bright street lamp. Many intriguing professionals frames, concluded that we can’t talk about an insect either the bird.

Some netizens think it was famous A moth-man, a giant bat, or whatever cryptid. According to others, we are faced with a phenomenon of mystical nature like a ghost or a demon. Still others are sure that what happened there must be a rational explanation. For example, it could be ordinary newspaper flying through the air due to a strong impulse the wind.

And how many similar recordings from CCTV cameras remain before not yet viewed or already worn out? Strange and mysterious our world, isn’t it? ..

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