Mysterious shining balls in the basement interested cat

Mysterious shining balls in the basement interested the catA photo from open sources

In the section of the popular English-language social network “Reddit”, dedicated to mystical and inexplicable phenomena, a very intriguing publication. User with the alias zherper posted on the site a mysterious video recently received by the camera observation in the basement of his house. According to the man, May 12, at 7 o’clock pm recording device recorded in the dark indoors something that our hero cannot find rational explanations.

By turning on the video below, you can see a few small luminous balls flying almost parallel to each other low above the floor. In any other situation one could suggest that these are just camera-lit specks of dust in front of its lens, however, there is another curious detail. At the appearance of shining anomalies, the cat in the basement approached him and began to consider them. The man’s pet clearly saw these balls.

A photo from open sources

Many commentators decided that in our hero’s house at that moment so-called orbs appeared – presumably energy entities from a parallel world, usually invisible to the eyes adult person. However, it is believed that such anomalies well captured on photos and videos, and in addition, they are capable of see small children and some animals, cats in particular. By According to a considerable number of experts, orbs are not ghosts, but something completely different, rather, they are representatives of some energy community, quite reasonable, contacts with which cannot install yet. But they remove the orbs in many parts of the world. Especially there are a lot of them for some reason in the Mexican Cave of swallows, which independent researchers even consider entry into parallel world.


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