Mysterious shining pillars photographed in sky over Novosibirsk

Mysterious shining pillars photographed in the sky over NovosibirskA photo from open sources

Early last Sunday morning, November 12th, many residents Of Novosibirsk noticed in the predawn sky mysterious luminous pillars. Especially many such shining heavenly columns appeared in area of ​​the international airport “Tolmachevo”. A lot of fat rays of light seemed to soar in the air, reminding eyewitnesses not spotlights “flying saucers”, not that aurora. Some witnesses are sure that it was real Mystic.

Nobody so far has been able to determine the nature with accuracy. these pillars above the city, however, our compatriots put forward some theories. So, there were Novosibirsk people who expressed the assumption that this is an unusual illumination created airport administration. However, such a hypothesis does not inspire special trust, because such powerful spotlights near the landing lanes are unacceptable, otherwise they will simply blind the pilots. By the way, airport workers have not confirmed this version.

A photo from open sources

Representatives of the Novosibirsk planetarium report that the bands in the sky have nothing to do with unidentified flying objects, nor to the northern lights. According to experts, this relatively rare atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when the refraction of urban lighting in ice crystals in the air. If the weather is cloudless, clear and, most importantly, frosty, then heavenly columns appear in those parts of the city where there is a suitable lighting.

Good theory, old-timers in Novosibirsk agree, that’s just why no one has seen these pillars before? What, in the city just street lighting appeared, or somehow fantastically became weather change? Then the now manifested light rays will now in the sky over the city constantly. But I can hardly believe it, because the next day they were gone, although nothing seems to be changed …

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