Mysterious “shoe island” puzzled residents american city

Mysterious A photo from open sources

Residents of the American city of Granby (Massachusetts) were surprised by the strange phenomenon that has been observed here recently time. Small traffic island at the intersection of streets Amherst Road and Amherst Street caught the attention of citizens after when suddenly old shoes began to appear on it.

Some of us will ask a reasonable question: and what’s in it so mysterious? Well, someone jokes so strange way …

But the fact is that the appearance of shoes, sneakers on the road, shoes and sandals are literally surrounded by some mystical halo. Here for several months, old worn items shoes materialize here as if from nowhere. Happening fast caught the attention of police officers obliged to deal with such hooligan pollution of the streets, but still law enforcement could not be fined or at least see the mysterious violator of the established order.

“Shoe islet,” as the locals managed to call him, acquires new “souvenirs” exclusively at night. The law enforcement officers even installed a video camera at the intersection, however I have not captured anything unusual yet. However, the following the morning after its installation on earth mystically appeared ski boots, worn sneakers and a pair of golden ballet shoes.

Shoes appearing here are male and female, adult and children’s sports and business. Its size, time workmanship and degree of shabby are also quite vary.

The most amazing thing is that some shoe items have the property Reappear at the crossroads. So, the local janitor Sanjay Sen removed green ladies shoes from the island last Friday and threw them into the trash can. Sunday he is surprised found that the exact same shoe had suddenly returned to the lawn as if by magic. Mysticism, and only they say many…


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