Mysterious Signs in the Wichita Sky

Jeff Templin is an amateur photographer. In February, he left home to take a series of shots with cityscapes and his attention attracted by one oddity – something resembling a very unusual trace aircraft inversions.

“The sky above the city was clear – not a cloud,” said Templin. – Anyone who would raise his head could notice this. No such marks neither military nor civilian aircraft leave, hardly any aircraft can change direction so dramatically flight ”.

According to Templin, this aerial object made several such strange 180-degree turns. One of the most unexpected was the one that formed the letter “S” in the sky.

“This device flew very quietly, no sound was heard,” – he said.

Templin took some pictures and returned home.

“When I started viewing photos on my monitor computer then was struck by triangular shapes. This is not everyone you’ll see a day, ”he said.

Templin considers himself a big fan and connoisseur of airplanes, therefore, he is convinced that he saw something beyond ordinary.

Experts also could not identify this object. More of all, the military believes, a mysterious flying object looks like B-2 bomber, but they do not dare to claim that it was it is he. But even if it was him, then it could not be one of those the bombers that they currently have on armament.

The online community has also come up with some pretty crazy versions, but for now, the origin of the flying object remains a mystery.

Mysterious Signs in the Wichita SkyA photo from open sources

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