Mysterious sounds are heard from the Caribbean

Mysterious sounds are heard from the CaribbeanPhotos from open sources of

In the terrible depths of the Caribbean, where noise does not penetrate ships and even the voices of marine fauna, scientists have heard incomprehensible the sound that baffled them. This sound is too low to it could be caught by the human ear, but space satellites without labor “heard” him.

According to British experts, they have never encountered anything like that. The phenomenon immediately attracted the attention of researchers from all over the planet.

A photo from open sources

Caribbean Sea Southeast of the Mexican Bay, has a huge pool surrounded by South and Central The Americas, as well as the Caribbean. The sea is important point in the global circulation of ocean water and forms a current, directly feeding the Gulf Stream. Liverpool staff universities studying the last sixty years of level fluctuations waters in the Caribbean recently encountered a strange phenomenon. Having decided to seek the help of satellites to study this area, experts noticed that from the depths of the sea comes a mysterious hum, whose source can not yet be determined.

By turning on the short video below, you may hear some seconds of this repeating sound. Of course, so that we you had the opportunity to hear IT, Liverpool scientists raised a rumble a few octaves higher. Makes an ominous impression, not right? Experts say that this noise comes from The Caribbean constantly. One can only guess how he is. Affects the local fauna.

A photo from open sources

Mysterious sounds of a prehistoric animal?

What or who makes such sounds: flying down to the bottom plate, some huge prehistoric monster or fantastic underwater city? Scientists do not deny any of these hypotheses, however, it is suggested that the reality may be much more prosaic. According to researchers, everything can be blamed colossal underwater wave that occurs once a hundred and twenty days in the western Caribbean and moves to its eastern part, where it gradually subsides. Worth one wave disappear, as soon as a new one appears.

Researchers note that volumes moved in this way the water is so large that it changes due to pressure the shape of the bottom, and also affects the gravitational field of the entire planet. Truth not it’s very clear why a giant wave arises and even more so – makes such a strange sound. The phenomenon, according to scientists from The University of Liverpool requires further research. Perhaps he will reveal to us some secrets of the oceans, of which apparently, much more than we even suppose …


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