Mysterious sounds are heard from the sky in Pennsylvania

Mysterious sounds are heard from the sky in Pennsylvania.Photo from open sources

A resident of the US state of Pennsylvania says that he became in recent days witnessed a very unusual phenomenon. According to a man living in a suburb of Pittsburgh a few days ago with strange sounds suddenly began to be heard over the sky over his house, reminiscent of a metal roar or bass “trumpet”. Of course, our hero did not fail to fix the mysterious noise on the camera. Turn on the video below to hear it.

American complains that this “roar” is very annoying and interfering sleep at night. The author of the video appealed to city officials, however, they did not help him in any way. Local authorities felt that since there are no men near the house factories, airports and traffic intersections, then he does not complain for what. Meanwhile, our hero continues to hear these sounds and does not finds a place. Pennsylvania man seriously fears for his security.

American suspects activity may be to blame representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. There are many cases when people heard strange sounds above their homes and saw strange lights in the sky. Such individuals are not too trusted, although often then they disappear without a trace and forever. Remains to hope that our hero does not expect such a fate. The man already turned to reputable ufologists who intend to study “trumpeting” in a suburb of Pittsburgh.

By the way, specialists in the field of ufology and abnormal phenomena do not once faced with such a miracle, and each time they do not find the logical explanation for why such a sound from the sky people hear selectively, despite the fact that the equipment records it without problems. How is this possible, no one knows. However, it’s clear why authorities and scientists cannot do anything: neither explain nor eliminate such trumpet sounds, nor to protect them from injuries, just impossible …

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