Mysterious sounds are heard from the sky in Slovakia

Mysterious sounds are heard from the sky in SlovakiaPhotos from open sources of

On foreign sites dedicated to mysterious and unusual phenomena, currently spreads amazing video recording. It is a compilation of seven different videos received at the beginning of this month in Slovakia.

Mysterious sounds can be heard on each of these passages. coming, it seems, right from the sky. They resemble at the same time the rattle of metal, the booming trumpet and the roar of some fantastic animal. It is also curious that on each of the fragments in dense clouds of a fanciful shape are visible above. Users The World Wide Web suggests that these phenomena somehow connected to each other.

Typically, such noise was heard, as a rule, in enough distant from the “technocratic charms” of our civilization Of the Slovak Republic, where plants, factories and other industrial facilities. All eyewitnesses unanimously claim that sounds came from above, and not from any particular points, but as if from all over the sky. Slovaks who failed to find this rational explanation turned out to be truly amazed happening.

As you might guess, many patrons virtual space felt that we are talking about activities representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Other commentators are talking about ancient chthonic monster, movement of lithospheric plates, vibrations Earth’s magnetic field, angels blowing, approaching us the legendary planet Nibiru, the failure of the “Matrix” and etc.

That is, a consensus on celestial sounds that in recent years are periodically heard all over the world, still no – no representatives of science, nor among independent researchers. In that case even conspiracy theorists are confused, and numerous theories and assumptions so far bring only additional confusion to the minds earthlings, but do not reassure. What do you think, is it worth it afraid of such sounds? Most likely natural, for example, where thunder worse if you don’t know what it is …

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