Mysterious sounds from the sky in Hawaii sounds

In Hawaii, mysterious sounds are heard from the skyPhoto from open sources

Put on your headphones and turn on the video below. Impressive, isn’t it? Maybe even scary. Surely more It was precisely those who were puzzled and frightened by this phenomenon. heard him with my ears. The astounding movie was reportedly Received April 3 in the Hawaiian Islands.

Numerous eyewitnesses suddenly heard from the sky mysterious sounds resembling at the same time choral singing, the roar of a huge animal, rattle of metal, some electronic vibrations and God knows what else. Hundreds of locals and vacationers called the mysterious noise “fantastic” or even “mystical”.

Official science, of course, has its own explanations for such anomalies, however they are not too believable. Scientists are talking about natural causes such as tidal waves, tremors, methane emissions and moving sand dunes, which for sure is nonsense, misleading people.

As the author of the esoteric teaching “Transerfing” said Vadim Zeland, science has shouldered an unbearable burden explain everything and everything, and when she doesn’t succeed (and such happens quite often), then she either remains silent, or carries that is absolute nonsense.

Amazing stuff quickly spread around the world the web, collecting thousands of reviews. Some commentators are convinced that the fault of the Earth’s poles is to blame, others see it as activity of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to thirdly, this religious miracle is like the trumpet of angels. Fourth believe that Hawaiian residents are dealing with testing here secret weapons, such as climatic. In general, assumptions a lot, especially since such celestial sounds lately hear people all over the planet. And therefore theories explaining them, getting bigger and bigger. And the truth, as they say, is somewhere beside…

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