Mysterious sounds heard in Illinois

Mysterious sounds are heard in IllinoisPhotos from open sources of

The video below was received on Thursday, 7 February, in the American city of Des Plains, Illinois.

The locals were quite surprised when they heard that day incomprehensible sounds coming either from somewhere far away, or straight from the sky. The mysterious noise was like a fast, intermittent whistle, and eyewitnesses, no matter how hard they tried, failed to find its source.

Of course, some impressionable citizens were afraid that in Des Plains granted by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization on their spaceships. The Americans have already sent this video to ufologists, so that they carefully study it and express their opinion.

Many World Wide Web users claim that mysterious sounds are like frogs singing, however such a theory does not can withstand criticism, because in the midst of winter amphibians, like known to sleep. But maybe they still woke up because of a thaw? Or is it some kind of bizarre acoustic phenomenon?

Be that as it may, the unusual recording attracted the attention of many World Wide Web users interested in various phenomena and mysteries of nature.

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