Mysterious sounds over the Mediterranean Sea

Mysterious sounds over the Mediterranean SeaPhotos from open sources of

The other day we wrote about obscure sounds that scared residents Valkensvard in the Netherlands when mysterious trumpet “voices” suddenly thundered straight from the sky; by the way, their origin is nobody could not understand so far. And here you have a new riddle of the same kind – now a terrible roar came from the Mediterranean Sea in Libya.

And well, as the Libyans themselves say, if a strange sound appeared, a little scared – and disappeared. No, this depressing howl heard here for three days, and not in one place, but along the coastline from Benghazi to Tripoli (see map below). Therefore, the excuses of local authorities that the whales blow it, do not convinced even the most gullible to the words of officials citizens of this countries.

A photo from open sources

Firstly, the locals are well aware that the whales in The Mediterranean Sea is not found. Secondly, what are these amazing animals suddenly swam to the shores of Libya? They scream day and night so that they can be heard for many hundreds of miles – it’s fantastic some!

And again pops up information about strange sounds that rattle around the world in recent years and which many have already perceived none other than the harbingers of the Apocalypse. True, someone says that these are tricks of aliens trying to intimidate us, everyone is dumps on the military, experiencing climate weapons, but in Libya now and there is an ongoing war of unknown and unknown with whom. Ordinary Libyans are already so tired of everything of this, that suddenly appeared apocalyptic sounds from They began to perceive the Mediterranean Sea as getting rid of a nightmare of their life.

But listen to this terrible roar of the Mediterranean Sea, which scared the Libyans. Is it a harbinger of something even more difficult for this long-suffering people? But who and why is all this arranges? Moreover, if we consider this problem more broadly, satisfied not only in Libya, but almost all over the world …

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