Mysterious Square Trees

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We are all used to seeing round tree trunks, though sometimes not perfectly round, however close to this format. However in in one place of our planet, trees with square trunks.

The valley of square trees is located in Panama, almost next to Panama Canal. Scientists all over the world for many years without any success they try to solve this mystery – why poplars here they have such an unconventional form. After all, nowhere else to find on Earth a similar anomaly, it is one of a kind.

A photo from open sources

Researchers from Florida at one time took seedlings from the Valley square trees and planted them in other areas of North and South America. All transplanted poplars grew traditional, then there are round trunks. It turns out that on the shape of tree trunks renders somehow the terrain of this mysterious valleys.

Some scholars associate this phenomenon with the once acting in this area by the volcano El Valle, however it is nothing more than assumption, and without any scientific basis, and even so more confirmations. By the way, the volcano has long gone out, but square poplars grow surprisingly wildly and unusually. They even tree rings are square. True, at first they gravitate towards a rounded form, however, the older the poplar grows, the more its rings are angular, gradually turning almost into perfect squares.

A photo from open sources

This uneven square section is also manifested in the fact that the tops of poplars have the most common round shape, their branches – also round, but the base of the trees is almost perfect square. Why this – no one knows. Not once measured here radiation background, tried to identify some natural or soil anomalies are useless, everything seems to be normal. And the trunks of poplars less – square. It’s just some kind of fantasy! ..

A photo from open sources


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