Mysterious stairs, lost either time, whether in space

Mysterious stairs, lost either in time or in spaceA photo from open sources

There are a lot of old and mysterious stone stairs in the world – and that’s all they, without exception, cause in a person endowed with sophisticated psyche, some kind of resistance. Note that climbing this the stairs are much harder than on the slope, unless, of course, steep. In order, apparently, the steps up were invented to fool the space (otherwise on a steep hill one would have to climb, say, in a spiral). But deceiving space, such stairs often fall into the trap of time.

Probably for this reason in the most secret places of our planets, for example, in the forest wilds you can find stone steps to “nowhere.” And God forbid you fall into curiosity and climb them …

Ladder stealing time

In the Philippines, a tracker named Torkik who once worked doing what he was looking for in the jungle of missing people. It was him profession and his vocation, because this person is not only good knew impenetrable forests (it is simply impossible to know them one hundred percent), he possessed amazing intuition and ability unmistakably navigate in space, which made it indispensable Searching Pathfinder for missing people.

But once during a search for another missing person, Torkik stumbled in the jungle on two strange stairs leading somewhere up, lost in dense thickets. One was just stone, and the second – from a strange material that only imitates the natural stone, and on it were seen all kinds of intricate patterns.

A photo from open sources

Possessing good intuition, Torkik was wary of the mysterious find and would never begin to climb these steps in “nowhere”, do not happen unforeseen circumstances. From the thicket all of a sudden an angry feral dog ran out, which made him run along one of the stairs up for safety. Waiting when the dangerous animal will run away, the ranger went down to the ground and set off to the base.

However, his appearance caused a real shock in the ranger camp. The fact is that Torkik was absent … for five years. Its a long time searched, and then simply wrote off as missing …

Mysterious staircase to nowhere

Axel and Isaac, Swedish students, once during a hike stumbled into a forest on a stone staircase to “nowhere.” That is, she cut off a few meters from the ground, as if it were cut off. AND this building stood in the middle of a clearing – absurd and defiant. Curious young people decided to climb the feet, however reaching the very top, they suddenly heard a heartbreaking scream.

Rolling down the stairs in fear, the guys rushed to run from the damned stairs. Stopping to take a breath, students already wanted to discuss what it happened to them, how suddenly, a cold and heavy hand fell on Axel’s shoulder. is he turned sharply, but there was no one near. Soon the same another young man felt that made the guys rush again run away from this damned place.

A photo from open sources

Then, already with the company of students, they tried to find that clearing and that mysterious scary staircase, but … it’s useless, especially since the local huntsman who knew these forests, like the back of his hand, assured students: there is no stone staircase and cannot be here …

Unfortunately, in the world a lot of people go missing. They say that some of them are “dissolved” in the mysterious fogs, others “fall” into no less strange grottoes and traps, but apparently there are also ones that rise along mysterious stairs, and go down them … forever.

Would you decide to climb an unfamiliar staircase in a dense forest? And if a wild beast was chasing you? ..


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