Mysterious “stone floors” in Canadian the hills

MysteriousPhoto from open sources It’s amazing how often a person cannot to distinguish man-made monuments from natural wonders. We are used to consider that only people are capable of building and create complex stone structures however on our planet there are many places where such designs were made by natural forces. Or is it still not? Maybe it’s a handiwork representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations or advanced masters ancient races?

In the southwest of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan there are hills near the geographic region of Cypress Hills. On the some of these hills are mysterious monoliths, which are densely folded flat cobbles, in appearance reminiscent of neat stone floors on the ground. These facilities surrounded by a halo of mystery, which is also facilitated by the fact that the territory in which they are located is in private possession.

A photo from open sources

To see monoliths, you need to get permission from the owners land, while the latter do not favor photographing these mysterious designs. Therefore, the World Wide Web has some shots of “stone floors”. For example, submitted images were taken recently by a quadrocopter camera, flew into private territory illegally, that is, without any permissions.

Canadian hills in no hurry to reveal their secret

In this case, the anonymous owner of the drone points to one strange, literally striking detail: during the flight to the hills his device had a full battery charge, but it cost the device get closer to mysterious stones like a quadrocopter battery immediately lost more than two-thirds of the energy reserve, and the operator I had to quickly send the drone back, so as not to leave him on a foreign land.

A photo from open sources

An ignorant person may suggest that this is hoaxes in order to attract tourists and receive money from them, but this is not so. Territory owners are travelers cool, if not negatively. Only famous Canadian politeness does not allow them to refuse everyone and everyone. AND if this happens sometimes, you don’t have money for viewing stones they’ll take it, although they will miss it reluctantly, especially with a camera on their neck. Maybe these people have something to hide?

Many believe that these monoliths were made by nature: they say that once the hills were covered with molten volcanic magma, which subsequently froze and turned into stone, and then cracked. However, ufologists and researchers supernatural phenomena refuse to believe that it geological formation. According to such experts, unusual stones seem to radiate some kind of energy that makes a person Feel warmth and light vibrations. And then, notice how they are stacked – here you can clearly feel the hand of a person. Therefore, this is not an ordinary natural construction, but something another.

A photo from open sources

Money Stones

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