Mysterious stone forests

On Earth, many varieties of forests, ranging from sweet and light,
very native to the inhabitants of central Russia, birch and
ending impassable jungle of Amazonia. But here’s what
surprisingly, there are still “stone forests” in the world, moreover, both in direct,
so in the figurative sense of this concept.

So, in the state of Arizona, the United States is located near the city of Navajo.
remarkable park with a similar name – Petrified Forest
(Petrified Forest), where you can admire wood, age
which exceeds two hundred million years, and therefore these miraculously
the preserved remains of the trees really turned into

But there are pure stone sculptures in the world that are only conditionally
called the forest, although in reality it’s just a jumble
fancy boulders. And often such “stone forests” is not easy
interesting from the point of view of natural formations – some of them
still remain a real mystery for scientists and besides
attractive sites for the study of paranormal phenomena with
side of independent researchers. Let’s get acquainted only with
two such “stone” anomalies.

Stone forest near Varna

The Bulgarians themselves call this place “Beat the Stone”, located
this mysterious stone forest is eighteen kilometers west of
port and world famous resort city of Bulgaria Varna.
As tourists say, in this place there is a special energy and
beautiful – any time of the year.

Scientists are still arguing how these vertical
stone columns. There are many versions, ranging from the most realistic
(“Bacterial reefs” formed in places where methane is released at the bottom
there used to be the ancient sea lapping here) and to the very
fantastic, describing the “beat the stone” as artificial
buildings left to us either by ancient civilizations, or
aliens. It makes you think, for example, that
a small sandy desert really looks like a surface
another planet. No wonder that it has long been chosen by filmmakers,
creating fantastic pictures here, say, “Conan the Barbarian”.

In this stone forest you can find the magic circle, which, from one
side, suggests that once in this mysterious
wastelands were performed certain religious rites, and on the other –
makes the modern seekers of the planet’s “strong places”
rush here in order to work with the energy of your body …

Stone Forest Markavasi

In Peru, in the Andes near the capital of Lima is located its mysterious
forest – Markavasi. These are the same as in Bulgaria, incomprehensible
stone sculptures, it is not known how and by whom they were created – either by nature,
whether humans or aliens. Many mysterious structures on
This plateau is not just stone pillars, but real
sculptures with human faces.

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