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There are many types of forests on Earth, ranging from cute and bright, very native to residents of central Russia, birch and ending in the impenetrable jungle of the Amazon. But here is what surprisingly, there are also “stone forests” in the world, and as in the direct, so in the figurative sense of this concept.

So, in the state of Arizona, the USA near the city of Navajo is located a remarkable park with a similar name – Petrified Forest (Petrified Forest), where you can admire the wood, age which exceeds two hundred million years, but because these miracles the remaining remains of the trees actually turned into the stones.

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But there are purely stone statues in the world, which are only conditionally called the forest, although in reality it’s just a heap bizarre boulders. And often such “stone forests” are not just interesting from the point of view of natural formations – some of them still remain a real mystery to scientists and also attractive sites for the study of paranormal phenomena with parties of independent researchers. Let’s get acquainted only with two such “stone” anomalies.

Stone Forest near Varna

The Bulgarians themselves call this place “Beat the Kameni”, located this mysterious stone forest eighteen kilometers west of The port and world famous resort town of Bulgaria Varna. As tourists assure, in this place special energy and certainly beautiful – at any time of the year.

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Scientists are still arguing how these vertical stone columns. There are many versions, starting from the most realistic (“bacterial reefs” formed at methane bottom sites the ancient sea that once splashed here) and up to fantastic, describing the “beat the stones” as artificial buildings left to us either by ancient civilizations, or aliens. It makes me think, for example, that this the small sandy desert really looks like a surface another planet. No wonder that filmmakers have long been chosen by her, creating fantastic paintings here, say, “Conan the Barbarian.”

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In this stone forest you can find a magic circle that, with one hand, suggests that once in this mysterious wastelands performed certain religious rites, and on the other – makes modern seekers of the “strengths” of the planet rush here to work with the energy of your body …

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Markavashi Stone Forest

In Peru in the Andes near the capital of Lima is its own mysterious Forest – Markavashi. These are the same as in Bulgaria, incomprehensible stone sculptures, it is not known how and by whom they created – whether by nature, either humans or aliens. Many mysterious structures on this plateau is not just stone pillars, but real statues with human faces.

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The Peruvians themselves believe that the stone forest of Markavasi is a place of transition to other worlds parallel to ours. There is one thing indirect confirmation. Once to Dr. Raul Rios Centeno turned patient, which was observed almost complete loss motor functions of half the body – hemiplegia. Unhappy said that she and her friends visited Markavashi at night, where stumbled upon a lighted cave in which near a fire strange people danced in the apparel of about the 17th – 18th centuries. According to the woman, some force majeure literally entailed her inside this cave and she would certainly fall into it if her girlfriend did not stop by force. However, the unfortunate woman already managed to half of the body stand up for the “threshold” of the cave – it is this half and was now paralyzed.

However, according to Dr. Centeno, no analyzes were found. physical reasons for such paralysis, therefore it can be assumed that a resident of Lima received a certain deformation in the energy the flow of your body because it experienced a shift in spatial and temporal dimensions, hitting another world in one half. If the woman entered the cave completely, Raoul thinks, she just wouldn’t already returned to our dimension, remaining forever in the world of those dancing people near the fire. Although … in this case, perhaps her body would not have undergone such a transformation that caused such a strange paralysis.

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