Mysterious stone moldavite whose origin is not scientists can explain

Mysterious stone moldavite, whose origin cannot be explained by scientistsA photo from open sources

Moldavite, also called vltavin and “bottle stone”, is a mysterious glassy rock that found exclusively in the south of the Czech Republic. He usually has unusually beautiful green color, however very rare, but possible also meet brown and even black specimens. Moldavit is a popular souvenir from which jewelry is made, figures and talismans. Treated among tourists and raw pieces “bottle stone”.

A photo from open sources

Psychics and healers quite like this stone, because believe that it has magical properties, for example accumulates positive energy, gives good luck, promotes successful meditation. With its appearance, vltavin is more like glass than rock. On its surface there is a huge many tubercles, veins and vesicles. The most amazing thing is that official science is still not able to explain the appearance of this mineral.

A photo from open sources

One theory of scientists says that on the territory of modern southern The Czech Republic once fell a meteorite. Due to the huge temperature allocated with a heavenly body, a certain rock formation (or sand) straightened out and was thrown into the air, scattering across a radius of many hundreds of kilometers, where it froze in the form of pieces of Moldavite. They say that is why the surface of the “bottle stone” is structured and covered with “scars”, and the sizes of the pieces are small and rarely exceed 5 centimeters.

A photo from open sources

According to another hypothesis, Moldavite is an alien mineral, who flew to our planet with a comet burnt in Earth’s atmosphere about 15 million years ago. This is indicated by unique vltavin composition, significantly different from the composition other igneous rocks. If this is true and moldavite came to us from somewhere from the depths of space, its properties may be the most amazing and even fantastic.

Alternative researchers, of course, put forward their own versions of the origin of moldavite. Some of them are sure that he was created as a result of the activity of some technically advanced ancient civilization, for example after a nuclear explosion. According to others, a mysterious stone came to us from a parallel dimension. If believe the third, then vltavin and is nothing more than a gift to us from people of the future who have mastered travel technology in time.


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