Mysterious stranger apparently anticipating future rescued turk

A mysterious stranger, apparently foreseeing the future, saved the TurkA photo from open sources

An intriguing moment hit a street lens a few days ago surveillance cameras in the Turkish city of Adana.

Local dealer Serdar Binigi miraculously escaped serious injury or even death after a mysterious stranger patted him on the shoulder a couple of seconds before a possible tragedy.

40-year-old Binigi says that he closed, as usual, in the evening my store, when I suddenly heard the word “look back” and felt a touch on his shoulder. Turning around, the man suddenly noticed a passing truck, which accidentally opened rear gate. The Turk instinctively backed away, not allowing heavy metal construction hit yourself on the head.

Only after watching the video from the security camera, Serdar I realized how unusual this incident was. He is surprised I saw on the record a stranger who calmly approached him and actually warned of impending danger. Mysterious the person seemed to be well aware of what was about to happen, however, he behaved extremely calmly and did not even stop when turned to the merchant and touched his shoulder.

According to Binigi, immediately after the incident he looked around, but did not see anyone but the owner the truck that stopped the car and got out of it to make sure the incident is successful and apologize. You might think that the stranger who saved Binigi just disappeared in the air after the incident.

Many World Wide Web users who viewed the video below, it was considered that the Turk saved him guardian angel or some other supernatural being. According to other commentators, it was a time traveler or clairvoyant (only where clairvoyant disappeared, it is not clear).

Skeptics believe that this is a bizarre coincidence. Say, a passerby decided to play a trick on our hero, passing for his back and patting on the shoulder, and by sheer chance near drove a truck with an open body.

What do you think? Do you believe in chance? ..

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