Mysterious Tales of the Pink Carnivore fog

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From time immemorial, the fog has been bewitching and at the same time frightening person. Agree: in the thick haze enveloping the city, the village and nature, there is something beautiful and at the same time creepy. Each of us at least once in my life fell into a thick fog, and especially if you were in an unfamiliar area, then you probably had a sense of irrational fear that you are in danger or something unidentified is watching you.

A series of urban legends about pink is known in Florida haze that absorbs living flesh and leaves only unhappy bare skeletons. This mysterious phenomenon was first reported in 1955. year residents of the small town of Daytona. Local fishermen fishing on the river Tomoka, then began to talk about observations of an unusual pink fog, which is as if from “out of nowhere” appeared low above the ground and behaved like a reasonable being.

Mysterious haze turned out to be predatory

Then, rumors circulated around the district that in places where mysterious fog, found like completely gnawed bones animals. It was even rumored that in the haze, through negligence, some tramp, from whom only the skeleton was left. Bones found allegedly, they were completely white and clean, as if from them fantastically filigree removed even the smallest particles of flesh. Citizens began to fear for their lives and did not even leave their homes when there was ordinary fog on the street.

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For a decade, around Dayton the case was observed by a frightening pink cloud, which was attributed absorption of a dozen, or even more people. It is alleged that the townspeople found the skeletons of the missing compatriots and turned to the police, however, law enforcement officers were powerless before the creepy unknown force. Some law enforcement officers even quit from work so as not to deal with this hell and not to expose danger itself.

According to these bizarre legends, sometimes an ominous fog left the carcasses of animals as if “half-digested”, as if they visited acid or someone’s huge stomach. Periodically predatory haze captured birds and even trees, stripping from the last bark. Several eyewitnesses said that the pink cloud once completely “mowed” grass on a large plot of land, leaving behind an impressive formless stain of black land.

Theories of the Nature of Pink Fog

And then, in the years 1965-1966, a flood of messages about this deadly Anomalies interrupted as suddenly as it began. Since then no one no longer saw carnivorous fog – at least among possible there were no eyewitnesses who could support their words evidence or at least make a plausible description seen. But enthusiasts began to put forward many different hypotheses regarding the nature of this phenomenon.

One of the most curious theories is related to an ancient myth. local Indians about a certain Tomka who drank without permission elders water from a sacred source of youth. It was so serious and unforgivable crime that indigenous Americans executed their fellow tribesman for his sin. However Tomka’s embittered spirit became immortal due to drinking water and moved into the fog, after which he began to destroy everything living in anger on his way.

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According to the widespread materialistic version, in these places there are a large amount of swamp gases, which break out from the ground and poison animals. Someone will even say that they are able to kill man. Well, bones from fresh corpses, supposedly, predators gnaw at. As for the mists, they are at certain lighting can actually acquire a pinkish a shade that could be taken by eyewitnesses to the supernatural phenomenon.

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