Mysterious Tattoo Fish

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Philippines fishermen recently caught a fantastic fish, body which was littered with mysterious drawings and mystical signs.

Naturally, such a catch caused not only bewilderment, but also a certain fear among residents, so the fishermen turned to local authorities to help them explain this anomaly.

The authorities gathered a council of scientists, but the people of science turned out to be powerless before such a riddle. It is not clear who and why could cause a tattoo on the fish’s body, and scientists don’t understand the technology, with which you can do all this. And even more so for them a secret behind the seven seals are the signs and drawings with which they are decorated outlandish fish.

Therefore, the first unofficial conclusions of scientists do not shed light on what happened. In the video below you can see for yourself “this is a miracle” and draw your own conclusions. They have already accumulated a lot from the side researchers of paranormal phenomena and ufologists, but all this speculation – and nothing more. Fish in tattoos – one of the rarest cases when researchers of all stripes are confused.


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