Mysterious “towers” in the clouds over Florida

When a man flies on a plane, he looks with pleasure
in the porthole in the hope of seeing something behind the airliner
surprising because from a height of, for example, 10 thousand meters above
surface of the earth – everything seems to be some kind of
fiction, even the fact that you are not under the clouds, but above

And this “sea of ​​clouds” sometimes gives out something under you
incomprehensible, anomalous, difficult to explain. For example, a passenger
the plane that flew to the Florida resort town of Fort Lauderdale,
suddenly noticed that in the clouds under the plane one can see strange
education. Here is what he wrote accompanied to the photographs,
who sent the famous ufological society MUFON:

The height at which we flew at that moment was about 12 thousand
meters, the clouds were, as I later clarified with the pilot, on
an altitude of about 3 thousand meters. And some of them clearly stuck out
structures like pipes or towers (see photo). They were
stable, at least I did not notice a clear movement, to me this
something reminded pop-up submarines that are already stuck out
periscopes from the water, but they themselves are not yet visible. If speak about
some terrestrial towers, then on our planet there are simply no such
high-rise buildings, especially in Florida.

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