Mysterious “towers” in the clouds over Florida

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When a person flies on an airplane, he looks with pleasure into the porthole in the hope of seeing something overboard surprising because from a height of, for example, 10 thousand meters above the surface of the Earth – everything seems to be just something fiction, even the fact that you are not under the clouds, but above them.

And this “sea of ​​clouds” under you sometimes gives out something at all incomprehensible, abnormal, difficult to explain. For example, passenger an airplane that flew to the Fort Lauderdale Florida resort town, suddenly noticed that in the clouds under the plane weird education. Here is what he wrote accompanied by photographs, sent by the famous ufological society MUFON:

The height at which we flew at that moment was about 12 thousand meters, the clouds were, as I later clarified with pilot, at an altitude of about 3 thousand meters. And from them obviously sticking out some structures, like pipes or towers (see photo). They are were stable, at least I did not notice an obvious movement, to me it was somewhat reminiscent of pop-up submarines that are already they put out the periscopes from the water, but they themselves are not yet visible. If talk about some kind of earth towers, then we just don’t have on the planet such high-rise buildings, especially in Florida.

Indeed, the tallest building on Earth is worldwide famous skyscraper “Burj Dubai”, but it is located in United The United Arab Emirates, and not in America, and this is fantastic the giant building is only 828 meters high.

Moreover, the author of the pictures continued to explain, these two mysterious structures in the clouds – just huge, if you estimate what size they are, because they are so small for several kilometers, for example, before that I noticed between the clouds oil platforms, so they seemed tiny to me. Later, already at home, I looked at the area on Google maps, but there I didn’t found, except for blue. What kind of education were they? what is the question?

Internet users are very interested in this material, starting to build their guesses. Of course it comes to mind first of all, alien subjects – it’s easier to explain everything, supposedly some alien aircraft were hiding in the clouds (with periscopes). But maybe the clouds themselves are “naughty”, not for nothing wanderers of intelligent cloud theory say that these supposedly steam educations are capable of almost anything from defense people (there were such cases) and ending with an attack on a person. A why not assume that in this case the clouds just play, creating certain illusory formations. Recall at least walking “alien” through the clouds, which once Photographed a passenger airplane. After all, this “foggy alien” was clearly a cloud formation, just took shape in human a figure, as if on purpose. Or maybe, indeed, on purpose? ..


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