Mysterious trail found in the snow Subantarctic

A mysterious trail found in the snow of the SubantarcticPhoto from open sources

Unnamed World Wide Web user viewed satellite photos of the subantarctic and unexpectedly discovered something strange on the South Sandwich Islands archipelago. One of these land, as it turned out, keeps a curious mystery. Aerial photographs show two even parallel lines in the local snow suspiciously similar to an unidentified air crash vessel. Coordinates of an intriguing find: 54 ° 39’45.0 “S 36 ° 11’41.6 “W

The alleged crashed UFO itself is, in fact, at the end these strips and resembles a kind of large capsule, covered with snow. The author of the mysterious find is convinced that before us is the cosmic NASA, Roscosmos, European Space Agency or even representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, relatively recently wrecked in the South Sandwich Islands. Not excluded that this spaceship is still there in the South Atlantic.

A photo from open sources

Of course, various skeptical theories have been advanced. The most plausible of them says that a snow layer or piece rock slipped from a nearby hill, breaking so impressive distance and leaving behind this imprint on the snow. Be that as it may, no one can say with accuracy, because the Google Maps map service is not enough a thorough investigation. It would be nice to equip expedition there. But it will be a completely different story …


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