Mysterious triangle found in the south Greenland

A mysterious triangle found in the south of GreenlandPhoto from open sources

Enthusiasts viewed satellite photos of Greenland and suddenly discovered something unusual in the south of a Danish island. It turned out to be strange structure in the shape of a giant triangle.

It seems that the authors write that someone specifically hollowed out here these channels in the rock, the length of each of which is equal to ten kilometers. Maybe they were aliens from far space? Or representatives of ancient civilization, once living here? One can only guess what amazing versions will be put forward on the Internet by ufologists and conspiracy theorists.

A photo from open sources

The coordinates of this mysterious find: 63 ° 41’00.7 “N 50 ° 27’57.2” W So everyone can marvel at this miracle, or nature, either of artificial origin. Sorry, you can’t do all this. close, see firsthand and see what it is in business. As a rule, such finds by virtual archaeologists remain without “continuing the story” …


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