Mysterious video: from a suitable person to the window only a shadow remains

Mysterious video: only a shadow remains from a person coming to the windowA photo from open sources

The video below was shot on June 9, 2016, however, foreign researchers of supernatural phenomena only Now they have made it public.

It is alleged that the surveillance camera in unknown residential building. If you believe experts in the field paranormal, the video shows something beyond ordinary, and this material is completely authentic.

A man comes up to the window in the corridor in the evening the apartment building and mysteriously disappears, leaving only its own shadow, which continues to move by itself. Maybe we are invisible man? Coming from the afterlife? The chronicle? Or a shadowy entity disguised as a human?

Some netizens claim that this individual simply teleported but cannot explain the appearance on the wall of an ominous clot of darkness that looks like a separate living being, like a human shadow, has just disappearing from sight. Unfortunately, the whole truth, we are with you hardly ever know.

However, there are commentators who call it ordinary fake. One way or another, see for yourself and push your own opinion.

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