Mysterious wandering fire hit the camera observations

A mysterious wandering fire hit the surveillance cameraA photo from open sources

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” turned to other patrons of the site for help. Man under the pseudonym fuzedplazma writes that a few nights ago the camera surveillance built into the door peephole of his house captured mysterious glow in the yard. Incomprehensible light lasting time danced outside the home of our hero, then disappeared and more with since then did not get into the lens of the recording device.

By turning on the video below, you can see 10 minutes of this action with my own eyes. The video quickly became popular and collected a lot of reviews from users of the resource. Many commentators felt that it was a wandering fire. Materialists consider such a glow to be the result of coming out from under lands of natural gas igniting when interacting with oxygen, however mystics are convinced that the so-called “demonic lights “are the spirits of dead people or any other entities from the subtle world. It is worth noting that wandering lights get on camera incredibly rarely. In fact, not a single one officially documented case of the capture of a swamp light on photo or video.

Other commentators decided it was a fairy, a little alien or even Satan. According to skeptics, we are talking about an insect or a spider curling a cobweb on the porch. Say, the light from the windows of the house fell on an arthropod, giving it from this angle so unusual radiant look. However, fuzedplazma doesn’t really believe in this explanation is inclined to believe that it is still involved something supernatural, and he has yet to figure out the nature this anomaly.

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