Mysterious well in Arizona equated with ground

A mysterious well in Arizona razed to the groundPhoto from open sources

A mysterious concrete hole in the ground found by an American and her son in the Arizona desert of Tonopah was urgently bombarded. Government officials, learning about this perfectly round and very deep well, instantly ordered to raze it to the ground. According to the official version, this was done to protect citizens from falling down, but the inhabitants themselves doubt that these are the true intentions of the officials.

A strange find in the earth

Last Tuesday, April 4, American TV Channel 3TV showed a report about Michelle and Hector Thompson, who, walking in 80 kilometers west of Phoenix discovered this hole. City to known for its so-called “Phoenix Lights”, which spoke here in March 1997 and which were luminous lights of a giant UFO. Witnesses of his appearance were thousands of people, and many took that phenomenon for a ship aliens.

When Michelle told his fellow countrymen about his find, the locals out of curiosity began to visit the well. No one still knows when a well in the earth appeared here and who drilled it. By at least any warning signs nearby are absent. To find out the depth of the hole, they began to throw it stones and through simple calculations determined that the well goes underground at least 10 meters.

A photo from open sources

After Thompson posted hole shots and information about him on the social network “Facebook”, a find of a woman and her son reporters became interested. They visited this place and lowered to hole camera. Fortunately, no human skeletons below it turned out – there was only various garbage. Media staff revealed video to specialists in the field of well drilling, and experts rated a hole in the ground as potentially dangerous to living things.

Why is the well buried?

Soon the owner of the territory was found, and, consequently, the well. It turned out to be the local land administration bureau. Not it’s been days after the reporting on television as employees of the department sent a bulldozer and trucks with land here, but because the well quickly fell asleep. Officials said that long planned to get rid of the pit, but only now, when she became interested in the public, it was decided to take care of safety of citizens.

A photo from open sources

However, not everyone believes that it was an ordinary well. It turned out that in the 50s the land was owned United States Federal Aviation Administration. A today nearby is the US Air Force base “Luke”, which, according to ufologists, struggled in every way with the “Phoenix Lights”, starting since that ill-fated March 1997, trying to bring down the unidentified flying objects in the area. Like it or not, everyone conspiracy theories concerning the pit invariably lead us to UFO and the U.S. military.

Or maybe it was really an unremarkable well, and civil servants reasonably got rid of him so that someone wouldn’t accidentally fell down? It’s possible, however, omissions generate rumors, after all, no one has explained to the press or local residents that this is a hole, obviously of artificial origin, and what role she performed before. Finally, why was it impossible bury in advance if it was no longer needed? ..

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