Mysterious whirlwind “attacked” Kukulkan’s pyramid in Mexico

MysteriousA photo from open sources

The video below was received last Friday, March 22, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Numerous tourists then they found themselves near the famous pyramid of Kukulkan witnessing the sudden appearance of a dusty whirlwind rising right into the sky and “attacked” at the same time on the ancient temple structure. Some eyewitnesses got scared and hastened to run away to the safe distance, others grabbed their smartphones and began to shoot frightening anomaly.

A pyramid temple that has survived among the ruins of an ancient city Chichen Itza, was erected by representatives of the Mayan civilization for glorification of the god Kukulkan. Mythology of Mesoamerican Indians states that this deity has many incarnations, and most a common one is a feathered serpent with a human head. By however, Kukulkan is also described as an animated tornado with anthropomorphic outlines, and such a coincidence with today’s the mysterious whirlwind, of course, is very intriguing.

However, despite the fact that many eyewitnesses considered the appearance of a funnel near the pyramid is a sign from above, others call the incident an ordinary coincidence. Say, over strongly heated ground there was a swirling movement of air, lifting up and spun dry soil particles, dust, sand and small pebbles. A similar atmospheric phenomenon is observed in hot weather in many parts of the world: in deserts, cities, on beaches, over roads, fields and etc. However, to over the ancient pyramid, and even with such mythology … All this seems not just a strange coincidence, but some kind of magical mystery, isn’t it? ..

Mexico Pyramids

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