Mysterious white anomaly flying over Texas

A mysterious white anomaly flew over TexasPhoto from open sources

The following video, recently published on “YouTube” by Mexican ufologist Pedro Ramirez, received 8 April this year in the American city of Stephenville, state Texas. It is reported that a group of local residents unexpectedly saw in sky a strange anomaly and captured it on a smartphone camera.

A photo from open sources

The clip shows an incomprehensible white object flying among rare clouds in the daytime sky. UFO is suspiciously similar to a certain a mysterious sphere that does not fit into the framework of the usual celestial phenomena, including not very similar to any terrestrial aircraft.

Some netizens said they were just a little cloud. However, such a theory does not hold. critics. First, it is unlikely that nature would create a perfect smooth spherical cloud. Secondly, clouds are not so dense and do not have clear boundaries. Finally, they cannot move around the sky at high speed when their “cousins” Remain immovable. In other words, before us is clearly something abnormal. If even a cloud formation, then from the category unusual and mysterious, which are often written by wanderers of the theory “reasonable clouds”, they say, there are those, and their nature is completely incomprehensible, like the appearance in our world.

Pedro Ramirez and many of his colleagues expectedly concluded that the speech it is about the aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to ufologists, most of these “alien guests” are drones controlled from far space, and they can be the most bizarre forms and conditions, including masquerading as clouds. Such drones of “green men”, they say, they study our “blue ball”, collect various samples and data, however, does not affect people’s lives. Why all this is needed aliens, remains a mystery to researchers.

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