Mysterious World Echo Puzzling hams

The mysterious phenomenon of the world echo, puzzling radio amateursA photo from open sources

The so-called world echo, or the echo of a long delay, is a special kind of transmission echo radio signals. It returns after 1-40 seconds (or even more) after sending a signal, sometimes appearing in the range of short waves.

What is the mystery of the world echo

For the first time this mysterious phenomenon probably registered in 1927 Norwegian radio engineer Jorgen Hals, who could not explain an anomaly and therefore chose to keep it a secret. However, subsequently the effect of the world echo was repeatedly recorded radio amateurs and radio engineers across the planet, and scientists proved its objective existence. However, the secret this phenomenon has not yet been revealed.

A photo from open sources

What is the mystery of the echo of a long delay, you ask? For start recall that the speed of the radio signal is approximately equal to the speed of light. Now imagine that the signal after sending delayed by at least 5 seconds. For this it is necessary that the object from which the signal is reflected was in 750 thousand kilometers from the receiver. For comparison, the equator length of our the planet is approximately 40 thousand kilometers, and the average the distance from the Earth to the Moon a little exceeds 384 thousand kilometers. Hence the surprise of those who are faced with a delay sometimes several tens of seconds long.

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Hypotheses Explaining a Rare Phenomenon

There are several hypotheses that somehow explain the reasons. this unusual phenomenon. The most popular of them says that random radio signal is in a kind of trap, getting between the layers of the ionosphere, and is repeatedly reflected from them, thereby circling the Earth until it comes out through the lower layer down. According to another theory, long signal delays are due to the fact that it is reflected several times alternately from the moon and the earth before reach the receiver. According to the third hypothesis, radio waves reflected from plasma clouds outside the earth. But it’s all pure materialism.

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But the Scottish astronomer and cosmologist Duncan Lunan puts forward a much bolder and more interesting assumption. According to him, world echo is generated by alien aircraft that capture our radio signals and send them back not only with noticeable delay, but also with increased power. And this indeed: Lunan and his colleagues experimentally proved that the long-delay echo has an increased strength compared to similar radio wave reflected from various objects on The earth. Many ufologists agree with Duncan, believing that everything is to blame. there may well be aliens.

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Of course, as is the case with many others, it’s not completely explained phenomena, the world echo is surrounded by a halo of mysticism, generating various urban legends and rumors. Many radio amateurs swear that they heard on the air with the effect of the world echo strange voices, sounds and even music. Believe it or not is a matter yours. It’s better, of course, to check everything yourself, that is, to become – radio engineer …

A frightening story that happened with a Russian amateur radio

For example, the story of a Russian who was fond of 2000s radio communications and had a civilian walkie-talkie range. One night he tuned in an antenna tuner and stepped into it transfer time. Clicking on the tangent, the man suddenly heard that his own voice comes back with a delay of 14 seconds. Remembering what the world echo is, at first he is not too surprised, although he was glad that he had witnessed such a rare phenomenon.

However, then our compatriot was not only puzzled, but and scared. Having talked with a walkie-talkie repeating his voice, a radio amateur noticed that in some cases the phrases he said returned modified. For example, he said the standard “One, two, three, four, five, a bunny went out for a walk “, and in response received” One, two, three, four, five, the bunny came out to die. “Said” What kind of nonsense is happening? “, but then he heard” Is there anything else going to happen? ”

Curiously, the sound delay was getting smaller, as if a mysterious object from which radio waves were reflected, inexorably was approaching our hero. In the end a man, in order excited about this turn of events, said to the radio “Well that’s it, I I’m leaving now, “and suddenly I heard from the speaker,” Well, that’s it, I’m going to I’ll come to you. “The delay was now only 5 seconds. Is it worth it to say that after this incident the Russians henceforth sworn indulge in a walkie-talkie.


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