Mysteriously missing from the park and then the huge boulder that has returned is overgrown with new riddles

Mysteriously missing from the park, and then the huge boulder returning is overgrown with new riddlesA photo from open sources

At the end of October, many foreign and domestic sites paranormal news published a note about pretty entertaining incident: at Prescott National Park Forest (Arizona, USA) disappeared a huge boulder called “Magic rock”, which was a tourist attraction and even pride of the reserve.

The fact is that this stone was a kind of reference point for tourists and even employees of the reserve. In addition, the boulder was graceful in itself (dark color itself, but with bright patches of white quartz, which “threw” a kind of cobweb image), but because on its background they loved it so much practically everyone who got here was photographed.

A photo from open sources

And this stone, weighing more than a ton, suddenly “escaped”. His disappearance was noticed by one of the park rangers, who immediately raised the alarm, and soon the local police, recalling through the press that such “tricks” entail a fine of 5 thousand dollars or six months in prison. The guards were convinced for some reason that the boulder was stolen some jokers, although there weren’t the slightest trace that the captors should have left. A rock as if evaporated or instantly teleported …

Until Halloween night, the police never received a single a phone call regarding the missing rock, and already November 1 the boulder suddenly reappeared in the park. He also returned mysteriously how disappeared. Here’s what Sarah Clawson of the Park ranger said about this (on image) to CNN reporters:

We have already come to terms with this loss, because of hopes for the return of the “Magic Rock” we practically did not have. Police simply could not find what disappeared in a mystical way: no traces of technology, not even the slightest sign that the stone someone picked it up, loaded it onto something and took it away. This is all one to look for. wind in the field. But the boulder also mystically returned. Can suppose anything, even alien intervention, but getting to the truth is still unlikely to succeed.

This, for example, was perfectly understood by the police, who immediately stopped the matter, relieved by a sigh, without even trying nor to attract someone for false information about the disappearance of the stone, nor to comment on what has happened in terms of common sense.

A photo from open sources

And only researchers of paranormal phenomena immediately put forward several theories according to which the stone disappeared and then returned. Here they are:

  • it’s possible that the aliens are involved, but it is clear why they needed this stone, for what research or manipulation;
  • the stone was teleported to another dimension or even time that seems most convincing, but again very mysterious is his return, as if someone was leading this process over;
  • this stone may be reasonable, possessing certain supernatural powers through which move himself wherever he wants;
  • we live in a matrix, and therefore, its work simply crashed, then someone fixed it – that’s all.

By the way, there are more incredible assumptions that we we just won’t mention it.

But a month passed with a little from the moment the stone returned to his former place, passion around this event gradually subsided. But … this applies only to journalists and even researchers of paranormal phenomena, but not the park workers themselves Prescott National Forest. The fact is that since the rangers the reserve began to notice that the boulder had changed. Not outwardly of course, but its internal content, if possible put it, transformed.

A photo from open sources

What exactly is expressed, to say plainly none of employees of the reserve can not, but the stone really became like as if “alive”. Maybe aliens really abducted him, to make some unknown device from this boulder or robot? That is, “Magic Rock” is overgrown with new puzzles, she really becomes magical. Interesting pundits think of exploring this amazing pebble? ..


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