Mystery envelops poisonous hanging trees in Norfolk

Mystery envelops poisoned hanging trees in NorfolkA photo from open sources

In the English city of Gorlston-on-Sea County Norfolk showed up mysterious intruder whose victims have already become eight 200 year old trees protected by law. Unknown person drills holes in the trunks and pours poison there. Law Enforcers Suggest Poisonous Substance May destroy centuries-old trees, and this is probably exactly what seeks an unusual criminal.

Local police officer Graham Plant says:

We took samples of fluid poured into tree trunks, and laboratory tests have shown that it is a potent solid herbicide actions. It seems like an intruder (I would even say a criminal, because the trees – they are also alive), doing it is wonderful knows what he is doing. For us, a real mystery, why would anyone it took to destroy historical trees. Whatever the motives of this man, he must be stopped at all costs. We promise to do our best to protect these centuries-old giants from the attacks of the attacker.

It is reported that several horse horses were damaged in this way. chestnuts, beeches and elms. Residents of the house on whose territory there are protected trees, promised 700 pounds anyone who can help capture a criminal. If this person really arrested, he will have to pay 6 thousand pounds for each tree plus the cost of planting new ones. Many Britons consider even that such a barbarian should be punished even more severely, then he eats isolate from society …

Notably, most of the damaged trees were once hanging – at one time they were used here for hangings of convicts. Maybe a mysterious individual desires get rid of these centuries-old witnesses of human crimes exactly because of this reason? In this case, his actions seem even more mysterious, almost mystical – and is it all human does? Such a terrible secret envelops someone poisoned centuries-old giants – once-hanging trees in Norfork …

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