Mystery man. Wolf Messing suffered from his gift

A mystery man. Wolf Messing suffered from his gift.A photo from open sources

September 10, 115 years ago the chief soothsayer was born Soviet Union.

About the main soothsayer of the Soviet Union, Wolf Messing walks many legends: that he predicted the fall of the Third Reich, prophesied us victory over the Nazis by the beginning of May 1945, that he personally Stalin was informed of the date of his death … True, some researchers believe that Messing himself invented all these wonders for himself.

Neck sensor

– Now they are trying to belittle Wolf Messing somehow, – I am sure Louise Khmelnitskaya, sister of actor Boris Khmelnitsky, who personally knew famous hypnotist. – They say that he was illiterate quack. Yes, Messing spoke Russian with a strong accent, he may not have graduated from high schools, but he was a genius.

Wolf G. Messing during a psychological experience. 1968 year

A photo from open sources

Mom and Dad met Wolf Grigorievich at one of concerts, invited him to visit us. Mom is already at the first I realized that I really liked Messing. In the process of our many years of communication, it turned out that Wolf G. really was in love with her.

He always kept within the bounds of decency, did not show his feelings, but sometimes he looked at his mother so that it became clear how he really case refers to it …

And then one day my brother and I are standing on the balcony and see: Messing is coming towards our house. I run into the room and shout: “Mom, in my opinion, Wolf Grigorievich is coming! “Mom punishes me:” Tell me that I am not at home. “And Wolf G. until this day, Boreas and I have never saw. And so he comes to the house, raises his head, sees us on balcony and says: “Luzochka, Borya, good afternoon!”.

I immediately inform him: “Wolf G., Mom is not at home!” And he smiling says: “Luzochka, you must have been mistaken. Mom is lying in the back room on a sofa, on a pillow embroidered with a cross. “I was confused.

Since then, Wolf G. came to us quite often on dinner. He loved the borscht that my mother cooked. Bye messing ate, Borea and I examined it.

Wolf Grigorievich behind the ear on the neck on the right side was a half-apple-sized wen. Borea and I were absolutely sure what is a sensor. Somehow we decided to test Messing.

They suggested: “Wolf G., can we think of something, and you guess? ”He answered:“ Of course! ”Messing remained in the kitchen, and Borea and I went into the room.

They took the first volume of Dahl’s dictionary, found the page where it was the word “borsch” was printed, and they put the book back on the shelf. They called: “Wolf G., we are ready!” He came in, we got up to to the window, he didn’t touch us, he just repeated: “Think!”

And we, not looking at the book, thought: “To the right, to the left, to the closet, second shelf from below, third book. “Mentally, standing at the window, they gave him commands.

When he went to the closet, I thought: “Dahl, first volume.” is he takes the first volume of the dictionary. I continue: “One hundred and eighteenth page. “He opened. I think,” Fifteenth line from the top. “And here he laughed: “Ah! Borsch! Let’s go to the kitchen!” We were astounded.

Then Wolf G. said to me: “Write on paper any word and hide the leaf. “I wrote my daddy’s name:” Lesha. ” note in a fist. He walked over, touched my hand. And says: “Lesha.”

In the early 1960s, Borya, to the amazement of his parents, decided to enter the theater institute: he always stuttered very much and even in never answered school verbally, only wrote. But we all the same together gathered to go to Moscow at the Shchukin school.

In parting, my mother advised: “Go to Wolf Grigorievich.” We came to Moscow. Messing had no idea that we were in the city. But, when we went up to him on the floor and rang the doorbell, suddenly heard: “Luzochka, Borya, I’ll open it now.”

We went in, sat down, still had no time to say anything, and Messing himself asked: “They decided to enter the theater?” When we left, he said Bore: “Find out the names of the members of the selection committee, call me and call them. ”

Wolf G. took Boris’s hand, put it on his wen and said: “Never be afraid, Wolf G. always with you. “And on the exams in some unusual way it turned out so that when Borya entered the audience, he stopped stutter.

“I’m scared!”

– Wolf G. Borey and I very much loved, apparently, because he had no children of his own, ”continues Louise Khmelnitskaya. – Is he I was afraid that his children would be born with some kind of abnormality. When he I talked with parents about this, always said: “I’m scared!”

In general, Messing was very lonely. Once he came to us and said: “It’s good that you are! I don’t communicate with anyone.” I surprised: “Why?” He replied: “Because I know what they think other people. “After the concerts, I tried not to talk to anyone, immediately left for the hotel. I think that he suffered from his gift. His I wanted to be a normal person. But…

Wolf Messing during one of the psychological sessions. 1966 year.

A photo from open sources

It turned out that he even predicted the date of his death. When wolf Grigoryevich went to the hospital for an operation, he said goodbye to everyone, and then stopped in front of the entrance of his house and said: “I’m here won’t be back anymore. ”

Messing was a wealthy man during the Great World War II allocated a huge amount for the construction of two aircraft for our army. And really wanted to leave money to scientists, so that when he dies, they study his brain. The money was left but no one has studied his brain. He was just examined and informed that no deviations were found.

Wolf Messing Time Money Moscow

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